10 places where soup is a delicacy

We are sorry mafalderos (You know, Mafalda, that Kino character who died recently who hated soup) and other spoon insulters, but we lose the soupor that ‘food made up broth and one or more solid ingredients cooked in it’, as defined by the RAE dictionary, or that ‘broth, often thickened with bread, pasta or rice and accompanied by meat or fish and vegetables’, described as: Gastronomic Laroussethe bible of international cuisine.

The truth is, when the temperature drops, the four drops fall, and the sun clouds over, most mortals’ body and soul beg for soup in any language (supe, soup, soup, soup, spa, soppa, zuppa… and even Swahili I think).

Versatile, as few dishes, it is a part a universal culinary tradition“It crosses borders and why not, any country in the world can claim it as its own heritage, or if the opposite is preferred, perhaps we are facing what could be considered a World Heritage Site,” the document said. book Soup (Ed. Planeta Gastro), from the Alicia Foundation, a center that studies culinary products and processes with the goal of improving people’s diets. And it is that it is rich in vitamins and minerals (from vegetables, meat and fish that we usually use in its preparation), has great satiety and is easy to digest. Who can resist such advantages? We Spaniards consume it at least twice a week on average, although there are organizations that even recommend eating it more often, such as the Mediterranean Diet Foundation, which aims for a minimum of four servings per week.

from thousand and one recipes that exist, we have chosen five (castellana, minestrone, ramen, onion and, of course, cooked) warm up with them and a dozen restaurants where you can enjoy them by the spoonful.

Ponzano Castilian soup.

Castilian soup

A vital dish where they are, the traditional ingredients of this modest and popular national recipe that comforted the body and soul. water, bread – if it is red, it is better, its large crumb absorbs more broth and thickens the soup, garlic and paprika. Over time, Castilian soup has gained more materialthe water has become enriched broth with meat and chicken and were included egg (they add little by little and at the end so that the yarn curdles) and raw ham at the last moment. At least that’s how they cook it at the chamberilero restaurant Ponzano (Ponzano, 12. Madrid. Tel.: 91 448 68 80), where it is sometimes included in the menu of the day; at other times it is offered alone (€10) and now that we are in shell season, it is eaten with mushroom carpaccio (€12).

He secret from the soup Maria Luisa’s kitchen (Jorge Juan, 42. Tel. 91 781 01 80) you have to put some garlic… and “it doesn’t happen again…” explains its chef and owner, Mara Luisa Banzo of Soriana, who bets . the traditional recipe, the merits of which (seven) were extolled by the grandmother. “It eliminates hunger, quenches thirst, allows you to sleep, digest, never get angry, beautifies and reddens your face, and my grandfather added, if left over, it’s good for breakfast,” concludes the chef. Price: 10.50 euros.

Miso ramen, de Ninja Ramen.
Miso ramen, de Ninja Ramen.


And from the domestic tradition, Asian. We knew about this a little over a decade ago Japanese soup of Chinese origin that today has won a place for itself among the variety of unique offers of the capital. Of course, we can’t say that it is made of “four little things”, because if there is one thing in these recipes, they are: Ingredients (noodles, boiled eggs, onions, pork, chicken, miso, seaweed…), but I know that his apple are the sources of slow chup chup. Like those that make up the offer Ninja Ramen (Barcel, 1. Tel.: 91 493 99 93), whose menu includes up to 10 soups made with seasonal products. Chicken, vegetable, curry, etc novosimo wagyu (limited quantity, 15 servings daily at lunch and dinner)… or the most famous thing at this Japanese izakaya, the roast pork in a white miso broth. Prices: 11.90 to 13.90 euros.

Also thick broths cooked on low heat more than 24 hoursare the secret three varieties hot ramen (there’s a fourth without the broth) that are served Chuka Ramen Bar (Echegarai, 9. Tel.: 640 65 13 46). It’s about hakata tonkotsucreamy thin noodle soup, accompanied by meat: bacon and chicken, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, pickled ginger, sesame oil and egg; Tokyo shoyu around 1900sopa ms clara: (made with smoked bonito, shellfish, seaweed, among other ingredients) with noodles, bacon, roasted bamboo and shimeji (Asian mushrooms), and ramen vegetarian which is offered off the menu. Average price: 15 euros.

Sopa minestrone, from Trattoria Sant Arcangelo.
Sopa minestrone, from Trattoria Sant Arcangelo.


It’s just as easy to find this homemade vegetable soup in the capital’s wide variety of Italian restaurants of the season. However, there are still some classics that eat this traditional recipe in Italian homes. In Trattoria Sant Arcangelo (Moreto, 15. Tel. 91 369 10 93) it is prepared every day. stir Made from vegetables carefully cooked (carrots, zucchini, celery, onions, potatoes, spinach leaves, homemade fried tomatoes), vegetable broth and pasta, usually penne or rigotoni, which is cut into squares. Price: 9.90 euros. It is also a fixed offer in the letter grandmother (Prof. Vaksman, 8. Tel.: 91 4 57 56 27), where they are faithful traditional recipeVegetables and pasta and all the flavor of grandma’s cooking. Price: EUR 9.50

Onion soup, from Le Bistroman Atelier.
Onion soup, from Le Bistroman Atelier.

Onion soup

Although there are historical records from the Middle Ages in some European countries, the truth is that onion soup is a classic of Gallic gastronomy. Leaving aside the theories or legends about its origin (that Louis XVI invented it, that the recipe belonged to his father-in-law, Marie Antoinette’s father, which the common people later adapted to what was at hand…), this plate se became popular in the 19th century hand in hand with some playboys recuperating after the party in the pubs and restaurants of the neighborhood. Les Halles food market where the workers eat it. Over time, the saucer mutated delicacyespecially when it involves gratin cheese.

In Bistroman’s workshop(Amnista, 10. Tel: 91 447 27 13) They serve it with Emmental cheese, sustainably raised poultry stock and organic onions. Price: 17.50 euros. too Brasserie Lafayette(Recaredo, 2. Tel.: 91 260 69 12) choose the classic recipe onion soupbut with a personal touch. So at Sebastien Leparou’s home in El Viso, they chose to cook it up in three tissuesthe base is pure white onion with glazed onion cream, crispy onions and, of course, the obligatory cheese gratin. Price: 12 euros.

Steamed soup from La Bola.
Steamed soup from La Bola.

Boiled soup

In native girl of Khashatsisoup is the first change, followed by peas, vegetables and meat… And although most of the hotel offers in Madrid choose the full plate, there are houses that also serve soup. individually. For example: Lhardi (Carrera de San Jerónimo, 8. Tel: 91 521 33 85), a true classic specializing in stews. Established in 1839, this restaurant delivers cabelln noodles and minced meat with ham and chicken breast. Price: €10.50 per serving. They also sell it in the store to take away (19.90 euros per liter).

In The ball (La Bola, 5. Tel.: 91 547 69 30), a hundred-year-old restaurant that specializes in wood-paneled stews and individual pots clay noodles come to the table on a dry plate and on them, the broth is pouring comes from the clay pot where the stew was made. Price: 8 euros.

It’s time for soup…

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