1200 calorie diet to lose weight without hunger. tips and weekly menu

There are several diets which suggest reducing calorie consumption to lose weight. It is one of them 1200 calorie dietwhich offers a variety of options and in which you need weigh the food. Find out how lose weight gradually and without transition hunger with this mode.

What is the 1200 calorie diet?

As its own name suggests, the 1200 calorie diet This is a hypocaloric diet, that is, it limits its use calories per day a number less than the body needs. This makes your body burn fat reserves to gain energy, therefore weight loss.

The benefits and harms of a 1200 calorie diet

  • Benefits:: Allows lose weight gradually.
  • Benefits:It doesn’t make you feel as hungry as other diets.
  • Benefits:Es diverse and includes Healthy food.
  • Benefits:You can consult a doctor customize it to your needs.
  • damagesA lack of calories can cause dizziness, nosyheadaches etc side effect.
  • damagesCan’t cover as much as needed vitamins y: minerals.
  • damagesLow calorie diets can slow down he metabolism.
  • damagesYou may suffer from a retroactive effect and regain the lost kilograms.
  • damagesYou may notice a loss of muscle mass if you don’t exercise.

What can I eat on 1200 calories a day?

Fruits and vegetables are one of the pillars of 1200 calorie diet. Plus, it lets you eat meat y: fish to contribute proteins to the organism. following this weight loss programyou can also take coffee shop, milkderivatives lcteos:, cereal, pan y: olive oilbut always weighing the food without waste and controlling the quantities.

Which foods have zero calories?

The doctor Flag of BorjaThe endocrinology and nutrition specialist in the following video collects different foods almost zero calories and that they are many satiating. He defines them as “the perfect number lose fat” and shows that they are “loaded nutrients“.

  • Sanda27 calories per 100 grams.
  • Celery14 calories per 100 grams.
  • whey protein360 calories per 100 grams.
  • A thousand17 calories per 100 grams.
  • Col. China12 calories per 100 grams.

1200 calorie weekly diet

Medical network Fisterra provides examples weekly menu for this diet, which has been approved by several doctors and nutrition experts. Next you have an offer breakfast, food y: wall following diet from 1200 calories. Two other intakes are taken into account each day, accompanied by a coffee shop single or one infusion. a media significance you can take 20 grams pan 60 grams Damn York! o: atn: naturally. during snack can you eat yogurt defatted with 15 grams mueslior 20 grams pan 50 grams Burgos cheese.


  • Breakfast: a cup milk defatted 40 grams cereal. Caf solo or infusin.
  • food150 grams cauliflower boiled or steamed. 75 grams pollo: grilled. 100 grams potatoes. 20 grams pan. 200 grams of pineapple.
  • Sina150 grams carrot and 150 grams tomato. a Omelet is prepared with 100 grams of boiled potatoes and one egg. 200 grams Orange.


  • Breakfast: a cup milk smeared with coffee shop. 40 grams pan with half a tablespoon of olive oil.
  • food100 grams carrot and 50 grams onion wallpapered. 75 grams pollo: and 50 grams potatoes baked 40 grams pan. 200 grams plum.
  • Sina100 grams artichokes. 75 grams salmon grilled. 100 grams mashed potatoes. 100 grams plantain.


  • Breakfast: that yogurts defatted 30 grams cookies. Caf solo or infusin.
  • food100 grams green bean. 75 grams pollo: grilled 30 grams White rice. 20 grams pan. 160 grams a kiwi.
  • Sina120 grams pea. Egg on a plate. 100 grams artichokes wallpapered. 400 grams sanda.


  • Breakfast: a cup milk defatted 40 grams cereal. Caf solo or infusin.
  • food150 grams spinach fried and 50 grams of boiled potatoes. 115 grams fish baked 40 grams pan. 200 grams mandarin.
  • Sina150 grams chard: and 50 grams carrot wallpapered. 50 grams of fillet veal grilled 30 grams rice. 100 grams custard apple.


  • Breakfast: a cup milk with skimmed coffee 40 grams pan half a tablespoon olive oil.
  • food: sopa made with 30 grams of pasta. 115 grams hake 75 grams eggplants and 75 grams calabash baked 20 grams pan. 100 grams hope.
  • Sina200 grams green bean fried 50 grams of fillet veal grilled 60 grams pea. 20 grams pan. 400 grams Black.

on Saturday

  • Breakfast: that yogurts defatted 30 grams cookies. Caf solo or infusin.
  • food40 grams lentil 25 grams potatoes and 25 grams carrot. 115 grams the only one grilled 75 grams champions. 200 grams a kiwi.
  • SinaJulienne-style vegetable soup made with 75 grams cabbage25 grams carrot50 grams with them and 50 grams leek. 50 grams pollo: fry with 30 grams rice. 100 grams mango.


  • Breakfast: a cup milk defatted 40 grams cereal. Caf solo or infusin.
  • food: sopa 35 grams shellfish and 30 grams Pasta. 75 grams blue fish75 grams tomato and 75 grams Red pepper. 20 grams pan. 200 grams of millet.
  • Sina50 grams pea 50 grams onion. 50 grams Pork leg grilled 150 grams the arrows. 40 grams pan. 200 grams Orange.

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