25 agri-food companies have requested $64m in aid from Bertie

a group of 25 Spanish companies to feed Of the seven communities that formed the Green to Health consortium, which includes 30 projects with a total budget of 111 million, they aspire to receive 64 million of it in the form of aid related to the agro-food part.

Its promoters, led by the group Teresa Carles Flax & Kale, have made it clear that they are asking for 58% of the total budget in the form of Loans and grants.

The project members are coordinated by the consulting firm Incotec, who come from Aragon, Castilla-La Mancha, Catalonia, the Community of Valencia, the Basque Country, Galicia and Murcia.

Three strings of value

The core projects that make up this business alliance are divided into three value chains: one related to sustainable proteinsin which Teresa Carles Flax & Kale (through its plant-based foods division), Incarlopsa, SAAR, Ceamsa, Carnia, Nurel, Eversia, Rotogal, Roen Plàstic, Biblox, Red de Calor de Tarancón, Cultzyme, Secaderos participate in Almaguer, Healthy Food Solutions and MadeinPlant.

The second is related to healthy drinks It is made up of GasN2, Grupo TCFK ​​- Teresa Carles Flax & Kale (Kombucha division) and Delifactory, the third made up of Sweets and sweetsfeaturing Farma Rinya Cheese, Romar Dairy Desserts, Infrusesa, Agrinarsa, and Fini I + D.

The consortium has it too technology companies Lis Data Solutions, Multiverse Computing and Signe, digitalization specialists.

About 1,500 jobs

The aim of this business alliance is Create an integrated value chain Through innovative, digital and sustainable processes that allow the Spanish food industry to gain competitiveness and become a European benchmark in healthy eating.

affiliate 111 million total investment84% of the budget will go to projects related to sustainability, while the remainder will go to those dedicated to digitization.

The consortium estimates that this group of projects will have an initial economic impact that is three times higher than the investment value it will generate 1,500 jobs.

more than 54% of the participating companies are small and medium enterpriseswhile it is led by the Teresa Carles Flax & Kale group, which has an R&D center and production plants in Bell-lloc d’Urgell (Lleida) and Fraga (Huesca).

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