5 keto restaurants in Barcelona

┬íLet’s visit the best Quito restaurants in Barcelona together! in BCN appears We’re on the side correct From balance, that is why today we invite you to visit with us the best keto restaurants in Barcelona. Handful of places where you will be spoiled with everything tasty and healthy Keto diet or keto diet.

The best Quito restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona did not escape the euphoria of Quito The whole world is in love. Under the premise that by fully incorporating it into your life you will feel like you have more energy, a greater sense of satiety and fewer food cravings, the keto diet is here to stay.

Some kitchens are normal Keto friendly And others can be easily customized to meet your ketogenic diet requirements for dishes High in healthy fats and low in carbohydrates. But in general, all cuisines can be adapted to the requirements of the diet. But when should we eat out? We’ve toured Barcelona in search of the best, and here we leave you The best Quito restaurants in Barcelona


Comfortable and calm environment to find Healthy international and Mediterranean dishes. Divine space for your follow Keto habits outside the house. We love its impeccable design in shades of white that creates an environment that invites you to share a divine evening. Without a doubt, among the keto restaurants in Barcelona.

Its menu is committed to blending cuisines with several mainly Asian and Mediterranean influences. but Plus What we want to highlight is that all The message is very healthyAuthentic and good market products. Try the vegetable stir-fry with tofu, soy burger, and spinach.

Title: Carrer del Perill, 13. Between Torrent de l’Olla and Venus. 931866360.


One of our favorite green corners in Barcelona. Contains 100% character gluten free And many more dishes Sugar freeAnd Lactose free y Vegetarian friendly. 80% of your message is accompanied by a avocado baseThis ensures that you are eating delicious healthy fats Keto diet.

Your offer is enough Food street Hispanic American, but that doesn’t take away the healthy. From our own experience, we recommend the avocado salad: a mix of lettuce, white cheese, seasonal fruits, beans, tomatoes, avocado, miso, and apple cider vinegar.

Title: C/ Enrique Granados, 13, 08007. 656 53 08 33.

There is sugar

Our cafeteria gluten free Everyone’s favourite Barcelona. He always knew that we can all enjoy eating food free of discrimination due to allergies or intolerances. Here we find highly specialized foods and products It accommodates all types of dietseasy and more complex.

The entire message is designed for Diabetics, lactose intolerance, eggsor nuts or fructose. They don’t work with any variety of raw materials that contain gluten, so if you’re celiac, you won’t have to worry about cross-contamination at all.

Its varied proposal turns celiac from sweet to savory. With breakfast options, take away lunchLunch or snack. They have gluten free and lactose free scones, cupcakes, cupcakes, cookies, sandwiches, gluten free appetizers and so much more. Our recommendation: Veggie burger. Chickpea, pumpkin, spinach and onion burger, with avocado, tofu, tomato, onion and lettuce

Title: Carrer de la Diputaci├│, 361, 08009 Barcelona. 930 24 52 35.

Honest Greens Rambla Catalunya

The trendy and fun atmosphere of this place will make you spend several hours longer than we planned. A place that makes you live, but above all to eat. French, American and Danish are the fathers of this project, which today lives in four cities around the world. Several years ago they got frustrated with not finding space Healthy and delicious foodfast and affordable, they decided to create it themselves.

Here we find healthy and innovative dishes that are respected All kinds of diets and pockets. they serve breakfast, Breakfasts and lunchesAnd meals, snacks, appetizers, dinner and after work. for you Keto diet We recommend b Honest salmonThe best merchant Sustainable, without antibiotics or additives. Charcoal oven roasted with umami glaze and homemade furikake topped with sesame seeds.

Title: Rambla de Catalunya, 3 Barcelona. 935 41 49 00.

Green ┬Ě Co healthy food

They were born with a mission to create a positive impact with every bite of their dishes. This proposal was created with a clear intention of presentation Dishes designed to be healthy and delicious at the same time. Its message is committed to balancing the health of people and the sustainability of the planet.

There is a wide variety of ingredients environmental Avoid as much as possible the consumption of pesticides and products that do not follow their natural life process. Each of his proposals is meidentified as On a vegetable basisVegan, paleo, gluten-free, lactose-free And, of course, suitable for those who follow Keto diet.

from ketogenic diet We delighted ourselves with an incredible dish of grilled avocado with leaves, green lettuce, cherry tomatoes, pico de gallo, pumpkin seeds and mustard vinaigrette.

Title: pl SR, 8, 08002. 934 12 45 36

What is the keto diet

For years, celebrities and members of social cosmopolitan style kim kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow and Halle Berry They are in vogue Keto diet. This makes it one of the healthy options for losing weight, managing diabetes, and improving cognitive health.

The keto diet, also known as ketogenic diet It’s a new way of eating that shows promise Converting fats into fuel while eating the food you like. Its purpose is to introduce the body into the process of ketosis in the blood. That moment when, for energy, the body uses fat instead of glucose (sugar).

The goal of getting into ketosis is to provide the body with an alternative source of energy. For this, the The keto lifestyle severely restricts carbohydrates and prioritizes the consumption of healthy fats. Foods such as grains, sugar and even some vegetables and fruits are replaced with foods rich in good fats and proteins, such as oily fish or avocados.

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