A week of ordeal, unbridled sarcasm and farewell to Carla and Carlotta

beginnings Masterchef Eleventh Edition It’s not easy, at least for the audience. The superior cut that TVE promises to programmes, and the reason they do a double programme, can be summed up as follows: two-and-a-half-hour programmes. next to nothing. I add to that Reprogram the second program, which caused us to have MasterChef three days in a row, as they had to move the program on Easter Tuesday so it wouldn’t start at 12 o’clock at night. What can I say, nothing would have happened either, if we used to sleep more than a thousand. But hey, we’re going step by step with whatever happened in this.”Easter Holiday“.

Program 3: Vaquerizo, bulls and junk food

Mario Vaquerizo and the MasterChef 11 jury / Photo: RTVE
Mario Vaquerizo and the MasterChef 11 jury / Photo: RTVE

The first test of the week came Mario Vaquerizo Disguised as a cowboy, it’s worth repeating. Like this, without anesthesia or anything. The “singer” / “actor” / “presenter” who denounced a few weeks ago that we currently live as with Franco, appeared on public television Ride a mechanical bull during peak time. seeing is believing.

The pre-test was to earn points in the nomination test, and contestants had to endure the ride of a mechanical bull. The longer they endure, Give them more time to cook. Bello took the bull by the horns, literally, and spent about two minutes over the insect and had to choose what his companions would cook. On this occasion, typical American fast food dishes: wingsAnd onion ringsAnd burgersAnd ribs and other foods correct. This audition coincided precisely with the fact that Mario Vaquerizo is starring in a campaign for some famous hamburgers. what a coincidence!

The candidates for this test were twelve people who, no more, no less, were eclipsed Baby Rodriguez Using inclusive language when speaking to and for Toki Samantha Imitation of a pig because some of the ribs were raw. I consider each of the prime moments of Spanish radio and television.

Two parcels for the French

Carla and Frank, evicted in the second week of MasterChef 11 / Photo: RTVE
Carla and Frank, evicted in the second week of MasterChef 11 / Photo: RTVE

In the expulsion test, Way and Laura, who were the best in the previous test, managed to save two of their teammates. The chosen ones were Sergio, the wonderful taxi driverllc Carlotta, beautiful penis. They saved the lazier looking people by disguising themselves as being nice.

It was the chef invited to the test Juanlo Fernandez, Chef at Lu, cocina y alma, a restaurant in Jerez with one Michelin star and two Repsol Suns. It was odd to me that the jury didn’t talk about the star when naming it, which makes me think MasterChef has reached some kind of agreement with Repsol.

The elimination test consists of repeating typical French cuisine dishes, such as Cassoulet from Carcassonnehe Fuwa gra micuit or the Buff Bourguignon. The embarrassing audition moment was listening to her Luca, the insufferable tiktoker, saying that pasta was typical of France. I can’t put into words how happy I am with this baby to go home. And it seems that they will put up with it for as long as possible, because If the people in charge of MasterChef love something, they see us suffer.

The level in the test was completely drinkable. It is noticeable that this year there were people who knew at least something about cooking, but there were three dishes that there was nowhere to take: Kish Lorraine Bello, the spider air controller, which was tougher than sashimi; he Gratin Duvenoy to Frank, the Brazilian Feliciano, who had the fries undercooked; and the pot au feu (cooked for the Spanish) from Carla, the Rebiscada in the last programme, which had drier meat than mojama and only tasted of vegetables.

The jury gave one last turn in the purest style to Principal Shyamalan The Sixth Sensellc Evict two contestants: Carla and Frank. Carla’s time at MasterChef was shorter than Maxim Huerta’s time at the Ministry of Culture. After such expulsions, the servant went to the envelope at 00:30, not knowing what hell awaited him the next day.

Program 4: “Torture” Test

Fray Marcos, MasterChef 11 contestant / Photo: RTVE
Fray Marcos, MasterChef 11 contestant / Photo: RTVE

Things looked bad on Tuesday. Football ended at 11:00 p.m., and the program would have easily left at 1:30 p.m. To make matters worse, everything indicated there would be an extension and there really was. TVE reported it They rescheduled the program to Sunday. This was Calvary, not the Calvary of Jesus Christ.

The first audition for the program was my “favourite”: The Team test. On this occasion, the contestants traveled to Oceanogràfic Valencia, and the chef was the guest Raquel CernicharoFrom Valencia Restaurant Karakand winner of the Top Chef award. The last time Raquel visited the MasterChef kitchens was in Celebrity Last, where she had to be the captain of both teams. On this occasion, he was simply responsible for designing the menu that the contestants cooked, so his time on the program was more anecdotal, though Showcasing his trademark character of the house.

As a sauce to tell that before the test started, sarcasm was generally unleashed: Laritz Frey accused Marcus of being an actor; Jorge Juan, who although named after a posh street in Madrid is more La Mancha than cheese, said Jeremy called it “follacabras”, etc. The truth is, they were minutes of magic and authentic imagination.

In the test, the favorite was the red team, led by Fray Marcus, who had a very weak first road. It seems that the priest works alone in his parish, because the parish priest knows little about leading teams. To improve his role, he released the macho aúpa: “I do not argue with women or children.” You will need to hire an apprentice/senior altar server pair when you exit the program.

Expulsion and return

Isabelle Jouneau and the MasterChef 11 jury / Photo: RTVE
Isabelle Jouneau and the MasterChef 11 jury / Photo: RTVE

In the expulsion test was the guest Isabelle Junotat the earliest Tamara Falco who shared in the past with Masterchef Celebrity saying she was a nutrition coach specializing in intuitive nutrition. MMy gut tells me she’s a smoke saleswoman, but what do I know?.

The test consists of cooking with foods from Range I to Range IV: plasterAnd cannedAnd frozen y packed. The fifth band is not included, although it is said that one of the contestants brought home cooked small items to the castings for the judges to move on to the final stage.

despite of of mineformer footballer from Zaragoza, and jutathe DJ who frequents Jordi Cruz beyond his means, made mediocre dishes, The expelled from the night was Carlotta, which destroyed the jury-grabbing monkfish. On this occasion, there was no playoff for any of the black aprons that remained comment In casting that was it. In two days I will be back with Tora.

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