Asturian homemade pizza recipe with 4 cheeses

Going to Asturias and not eating cheese would be a sin, like not celebrating pizza day without eating So in Now or never We combined the two formulas and got one scandalous pizza with Asturian cheesesEasy, quick and full of flavor. Besides, you just need to 5 ingredients and it will be ready inside 3 easy steps.

The history of pizza, a food that is an intangible heritage

Before putting your hands in the dough. How about a little history of this delicacy? Pizza is probably one of the most consumed dishes in the world. It can be prepared in so many ways and paired with so many ingredients that there is hardly a single person who can resist it. So much so In 2017, it was declared an intangible heritage by UNESCO due to its role in people’s social life, as well as the transmission of this ancestral recipe between different generations, which is almost a culinary art.

Pizza is the symbol Italian cuisine. And that is that it all started in Naples, although in ancient Rome soldiers were already eating a kind of flat bread with oil and olives. Later, as the story goes, citizens living around Naples added tomatoes to this flour and yeast flatbread. So slowly The concept of pizza as we know it today was integrated.

The Legend of Margherita Pizza

Many people credit the baker with the invention of pizza modera Raphael Esposito. In fact, according to popular legend, Pizza Margherita was invented in 1889 at the Royal Palace of Capodimonte, where this baker was commissioned to create a dish in honor of Queen Margarita. He created it by adding his own signature, the colors of the Italian flag: tomato red, basil green and mozzarella white.

but What do you think was the first pizza? Italians speak of “the original” when referring to seafood pizza because they believe ancient sailors made it with tomato sauce, oregano and anchovies caught that day.

Asturian pizza is prepared like this.

Everything points to the fact that it was Palermo-born Maria Cristina de Borbon who brought this recipe and many other traditional Italian cuisines to Spain. They believe his lover was Margarita, but if he tried Asturian, he might change his mind.

Asturian pizza with 4 cheesesAsturian pizza with 4 cheesesempty
Ingredients Preparation
  • Priya paneer (blue cheese with a touch of paprika)
  • Queso Gamoneu
  • Frankson cheese
  • Mozzarella
  • Pizza table
  1. We start by making a base of mozzarella. Then we add the Franxón cheese and put it in the oven.
  2. Leave to bake until golden brown (about 10-15 minutes at 200º depending on the oven). If the oven is on wood, then 4 minutes will be enough.
  3. When the pizza becomes golden, take it out and add the rest of the grated cheeses.

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