Candace Cameron makes her abs burn with her latest routine

    Candace Cameron He showed with true perfection how he trains through his Instagram. Some routine actions where the toned abs It was left entirely for display Dance and exercise To the beat of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” with her personal trainer, Kira Stokes.

    The video, which evokes the ’90s (though Technically speaking The song came out a little earlier), and he shows his step-by-step routine. a Simple training Which, as Candance herself points out, it was Warm up part.

    Now, Candace’s followers thought she passed that training with flying colours. “You make it look easy 😂😂😂” wrote one fan. While another follower thought of the actress’s mastery of rehearsing with her hair down. Similarly, many of her followers wrote to the post wanting to know what shoes Candance used in her routine[artid|2140.a.43216939[src|[ch|[lt|sale[pid|46d3ae34-2468-482e-b71d-662287deb0cc”>Brooks Launch 9– por si te interesa.

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    Además de las rutinas físicas ideadas por su entrenadora, a Candace le encanta hacer cardio de muchas maneras porque, como reconocía, le fascina ver cómo a través de ellas mejora su salud mental. Por esta razón, más allá de esas “intensas” rutinas, el pilates, el running e, incluso, las rutinas HIIT, según el medio Prevention, tienen cabida. ¿Cuántas veces? Pues como ella declaró, procura que el ejercicio, indistintamente de la intensidad que marque, no falte en sus rutinas unas cinco veces a la semana.

    En cuanto a su dieta, Candace es una apasionada del té matcha, el atún, las verduras y el pollo, según Eating Well. También le encantan los helados y la masa de galletas es su gran debilidad.

    Candace y su lucha contra su trastorno alimentario

    En 2016, Candace nos habló sobre su lucha con su trastorno alimentario. “Muchas personas siempre querían hablar conmigo sobre cuál era mi plan de ejercicios, qué estaba comiendo, ya sabes, [diciendo] “I looked amazing,” Candice said.

    Although Candace struggled with an eating disorder mostly in her twenties, the actress De Fuller House I felt it was meIt is important to share your story And he said that The best way to help those who are suffering is to listen. “I think a lot of people don’t realize how serious an eating disorder can be. The most important thing is to learn how to listen and help this person not feel lonely,” she said.

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