Francesco Lapadula, the pizzaiolo who will take Córdoba to the World Pizza Championship

Francesco Lapadula will be the new member of the Spanish team that will be present at the World Pizza Championship that will take place from April 18 to 20 in an Italian city Parma.

Thus, he fulfills another dream that he had in mind to be able to participate and which has come ahead of time. He is not new to this type of events, as he participated in the Olympic Games held in Granada a few months ago and was in the top 10 in the world.

From the Horeca Córdoba association, he received “congratulations for the great work he has done, and he is grateful to bear and publicize the name of Córdoba, presenting our city and our state to the world.”

In the food mecca of Córdoba

Francesco Lapadula arrived in Córdoba from the southern Italian city of Bari with the perfect pizza recipe. With very thin and crispy dough, every bite transports you right to Apulia. Because this establishment is 100% Italian, not only for its exquisite food, but also for its staff. Located at Calle María la Judía, 16, where it opened its doors two and a half years ago, this pizzeria has grown from an extensive menu with flavors such as capricciosa, seafood, cosí comé or the most sought-after Del Papa; which is replenished every month with the tastiest pizzas left off the menu

. The key to success, Francesco admits, is in the dough, which is homemade, fermented for 48 to 72 hours, and contains three main ingredients: white flour, durum wheat, which gives it a crunch, and whole wheat flour. The ingredients are also of high quality and come from Italy, except for the tomatoes and ground vegetables. Under 430 degrees and just two minutes and 50 seconds, Casa Mia offers the most authentic pizzas with the purest essence of trunk country.

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