from hummus to buckwheat

Since the Ukrainian war started and, in turn, inflationShopping has become a real nightmare. Criticism of some supermarkets for price increases, such as Mercadonathey were multiplying. For example, a dozen eggs, which used to cost 1.30 euros, became 2.35 euros. More than a euro difference in three years.

Thus, this supermarket chain announced this Wednesday, April 12, that will cut about 500 products from its repertoire by the end of 2023. This indicates a saving of 200 million euros. That is, about 150 euros per customer per year y”without compromising quality and guaranteeing the sustainability of the entire food chain,” the statement said.

The Valencia-based company claims that some of the products that will be cut will be “tuna, dairy productssuch as cheeses and yogurts, nuts, oils, house cleaning and maintenancepet food, pastries, wine cellars and perfumes”. They have also taken the opportunity to reduce the cost of some fresh products such as; zucchinifish and turkey breasts.

The 10 most discounted products from Mercadona

Almost all items will be 5 to 20 cents off the current price. He natural cashew tops the list: from 2.50 euros it goes to 2.30.

Next is the product Liquid detergent. If before it cost 3.75 euros, now it reaches 3.60 with a total discount of 15 cents for a 3 liter bottle.


We continue with the third most discounted product from Mercadona: the tuna in sunflower oil. Add another 15 cents in product savings. If six containers had a price of 6.80, now they will be 6.65 euros.


Another product is 15 cents off Hummus chickpeas Mercadona. Now a 480 gram bottle will cost 1.05 euros.

Hummus chickpeas.

Now we are moving to 10 cent discounts. He Homemade Roasted Tomato RecipeFor a 560 gram bottle, which is needed in the basket, it now costs 2.05 euros.

Fried tomatoes.

Next is the product unsalted butter, another essential item, either for breakfast toast or for any other use. It will also have a 10-cent discount, and the 250-gram package will cost 2 euros.


If you want to make a homemade pizza, sandwich or add cheese to your pasta, Mercadona makes it easy with its mix 4 cheeses 180 grams. This grated cheese is also among the top 10 most discounted products and will cost 1.78 euros.

Mix four cheeses.

We went to article number eight and couldn’t miss it mayonnaise de Hacendado de Mercadona, one of the best-selling white brands nationally. Now a 500 ml bottle will cost 1.25 euros, 10 cents less.


It’s our penultimate featured article 100% wholemeal crustless sliced ​​bread. Although even the one that is not integral and without crust has a discount of 10 cents. Whole wheat goes for 1.35 euros in a 450-gram package, and white for 1.25 euros, also for that size.

Mold pan.

And the final product good lunch pizza York ham and Hacendado cheese. Perfect for a day out with friends, family or when you don’t feel like cooking. Now thin-crust pizzas with ham and cheese and barbecue pizza will cost 2.50 euros and weigh 400 grams per unit.

Nice pizza.

Mercadona plans to roll out its impressive price cuts as early as this April.

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