helps Russia by transferring hardware from AMD and Intel

Yet another case of how gateways to the sea are usually not a good idea, but rather an excuse to take yet another belated action. With the hardware and the sanctions against China and Russia, the US needs to understand that this is the case a war you can never winand in fact the latest data from Asia confirms this. China is moving high-end hardware from Intel and AMD to Russia Under the hood, with a strategy as simple as it is effective, how do they do it?

Blockades have behind-the-scenes economic deals that we will never know. It happens in everything, the only thing it succeeds in is partially weakening a part of the economy, in this case technology, because Russia will pay China for the most expensive equipment, just as Europe pays for Russian oil and gas. the price of gold up to a third.

China transfers technology to Russia with its startups

And it is that the term “new” is literal. The strategy is clear because we’re ahead. Based on creation of small or medium enterprises They buy a lot of Intel or AMD hardware from a lot of big Asian distributors, either through China as such or through Hong Kong, which continues to have a different domestic status.

The figures revealed correspond to last year, but they are huge. 740 million dollars It entered Russia via China and Hong Kong, where the Nikkei notes this 70% of that value corresponded to hardware from Intel and AMDas well as Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Apple and others.

The indicator is relevant when we see what was happening there 2021. In the specified year, they were presented only in the same form 51 millionwhich shows that the alliance of these two giants is much more than what is said in the press conferences.

Given that the US has blacklisted more than 500 companies between the two countries, the new creation technique, close them if they get Blacklisted and open another one for the same purposeIt’s something brilliant and impossible to stop unless you have customs control in a very strong friendly country and blockade half of the Asian continent, which is impossible at the moment.

Russia has acquired more than half a million Intel processors and more than 100,000 drams


From Russia, they do not hide the data, which is synonymous with the fact that they shamelessly laugh at the United States, when one of their newspapers reports that last year a huge 782,000 Intel processors, 9% more than when there was no blockade due to the war in Ukraine. On the other hand, AMD saw 143,000 processors They are in Vladimir Putin’s country without permissionwhich means a Compared to 2021, the decline is more than 50%.

In other words. Russia wants Intel’s infrastructure to be updated as soon as possible, while AMD is designed for specific users and companies. The joke goes so far that the Russian distributors they post the products on their websites in everyone’s eyes, and only when their attention is drawn do they eventually remove the pages from them.

And we’re not talking about old processors, we’re talking Core 13, Ryzen 7000 or EPYC Genoa, to give a few examples. Of course, all processors are advertised as OEM because they are intended for companies, when logically this is largely incorrect and sold to individuals. And this also happens with NVIDIA GPUs, motherboards and in general any hardware that we can find in the West without problems.

So far, the US is losing the battle, but it gets an excuse to start any kind of dispute, dialectical, military or ideological attack against the two countries, where the tension is already at a critical point, and even more so after what happened with the armies. China and the USA itself.

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