HOLY WEEK 2023 MADRID |: 6 restaurants to discover in Madrid this Holy Week

Madrid is undoubtedly one of Spain’s top gastronomic destinations, always packed with the most modern and innovative restaurants on the current gastronomic scene. and this Easter 2023with its weekend and the arrival of good spring weather, it can be a great opportunity to discover some of the best offers gastro From the capital.

1. Bar Moemia

Anderi avenue, 8:

After the success of his first two restaurants, Latasia and TamaraBrothers Sergio and Roberto Hernandez embarked on the adventure of opening a third party. Moemia. The new roving pub offers a two-part menu on the one hand traditional recipes reinvent, and on the other hand, a travel section with products from Azerbaijan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Peru and Thailand.

La canalla scenery, illustrated by Tato Repetto, Teleports you to different countries what are you trying The journey begins in our country where some waffle-shaped patatas bravas They’re waiting for you to settle your stomach, then we fly Lobster roll it really knows little. Ending our delicious childhood journey with a delicious one Bolicao.

2. Runni Space

Heron City Las Rosas

This spacious and fun restaurant is located in the Heron City Mall and is a great option for a fun time with your friends or family, although it will make especially the delights of the youngest in the house.

It’s a place decorated like a spaceship, complete with a revolving free food carousel where drinks are served by robots.

3. Grosso Neapolitan

One of the most popular pizza brands in Spain is celebrating. And no, it’s not his birthday. it’s the return of its ‘Edizione Limitata’ specials, celebrating their fourth year. But this year they come with a fiery surprise for your palate.

They do it at the hands of one of the most famous Mexican chefs of our time, Roberto Ruiz, who has a Michelin star on his record. What do they represent? The first Neapolitan-Mexican pizza on the planet!… has been served one of the 10 best pizzerias in the world according to Top 50 Pizza.

This pizza starts with the flavor: habanero chile. To this is added the delicious Buona Chingona sauce and Peperoncino from Naples, accompanied by an impressive San Marzano tomato. The final touch is the red onion in the oven and a fresh touch of stracciatella and cilantro. The result? One of the richest and most distinctive pizzas we’ve had in a long time.

3. Modern Indian cuisine in Bangalore

Calle Diego de Leon, 63

This restaurant in the center of Madrid is without a doubt one of the most beautiful you can try in its style. His cuisine, careful and measured, offers us a trip to India where you can enjoy and taste the authentic dishes of the country.

Here we find a complete and absolutely delicious menu in which his dishes are seasoned with style tandoori. Their curries are also capable of making us salivate with pleasure, always with them naantheir stuffed or spiced breads are a real scandal.

4. Modified

Calle del Conde de Xiquena, 12:

If you are a lover of design, art and gastronomy, you are in the right place. Modified, new project from the studio food design We crave, es the perfect place for those looking for a haven of peace and quiet dining in the bustling center of Madrid.

But they don’t do it in any way. here we come across some very carefully prepared dishes in which it’s the little things that make all the difference in the bites that penetrate our palates like real culinary jewelry. But the most amazing thing about this place is undoubtedly the coffee.

Its coffee maker can be classified as a Ferrari for lovers of this drink. So much so that its price is more than 10,000 euros. You can imagine the taste. But, we would say that it is more pleasant to stop and watch how they take care of the processing of the coffee, which is forever engraved in the memory.

5. Munchies by Foodgoddes

Calle de Santa Maria, 39

They are undoubtedly one of the hamburgers that have surprised us the most in recent weeks. A recipe that comes straight from Georgia to settle in the center of Madrid, with two wonderful hostesses who come looking to break the traditional Madrid hamburger circuit.

His hamburgers are classy smash the pyramids (or flattened on the grill), they are accompanied by juicy brioche bread and spicy house sauce, which is simply a real scandal. They have different types. double, triple, chili, bacon and cheese, classic and vegan.

Absolutely, all their burgers are disgusting and so are the fries that come with them. just the right amount of salt to keep you salivating until you leave their pretty pink bar.

These five restaurants are just a small sample of the wonderful gastronomic offer that Madrid has to offer. If you visit the city during Holy Week, don’t hesitate to try some of these places and enjoy a unique culinary experience. Enjoy!

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Runni Space: – This spacious and fun restaurant is located in the Heron City shopping center and is a great option to have fun with your friends or family3..

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