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Have you already visited it? In the heart of Lima, right in c Chinatownis one of the warehouses of Chinese import more bays that can be. In this place you will find everything for your home, for yourself, but above all it is a perfect place if you are going to start a business because it has crazy prices. We present all the details in the post.

God This is one of those establishments that offers a variety of products, perfume, bags, backpacks, food, among others, but with a touch. Atonement. Logging in is quite the adventure, as its extensive visual catalog forces you to purchase any item, and if it’s a personal purchase, the words that usually come to mind are: to: Popular.

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However, being so prominent, they are also the most sought after by business startups. “One would not imagine that there could be a warehouse in the back of a commercial store, but we found it […] As you already know, if there are people, it is for some reason, there are really a lot of things for the house, he said Julito TV:through your account Youtube:.

“The good thing is that it can be found for all ages, even if you want to decorate the smallest room in the house and in different colors. […] If you are like me, who usually loses or damages the TV remote control, they have a universal mouse that performs the same function, which is very interesting,” he added.

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Where exactly is Ilaju del Centro de Lima?

Capon street

  • Jirón Ucayali 768, interior 105, Galerí Ton Pho.

Working hours.

  • Monday to Saturday. 10:00-20:00.
  • Domingos: 10:00-18:30

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What products are bought the most in Ilahu?

  • Different sizes of flavorings and fragrances.
  • Tomato.
  • Wet wipes.
  • LED lamps.
  • Personalized remotes, chargers and headphones just like the regular ones.
  • Cables for iPhones.
  • Wallets.
  • Masks, cleansing gel of different prices, skin serums and perfumes.
  • Lipsticks and nail polishes.
  • Sandals, socks, masks.
  • Jewelry, bracelets, hooks and glasses.
  • Caps in a variety of colors, among others.

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