Noáin’s bar, which invites you for a beer if you send him a postcard from abroad

Now that spring is in full swing and the sap is driving the green buds, it’s a good opportunity to explore Garden of the senses The same. There is 25,000 square meters of space to reproduce the smells, textures, sounds, colors and tastes. And what better way to end the walk than with a beer and a pintxo at one of the nearby bars? Larre Brewery and El Hangar Barin Fueros SquareThey are two places with personality and experience. A little further, at the entrance to the village, is the 99 restaurant with a daily menu of seasonal homemade dishes.

Patagonia, Nepal, New York, Beijing, Zagreb, Prague, New Zealand, Miami, Punta Cana… customers Hangar bar They have traveled a lot around the world. Like Nacho, the founder of this place in Plaza de los Fueros. Some objects acquired during his travels decorate the bar in a rustic and vintage style. Old suitcases and other antiques contribute to the creation of such an atmosphere that at least invites you to travel with your imagination. The entrance vinyl is already a call to choose your destination: Cahuita, Katakólon, Ballarat, Saint Tropez…

El Hangar has been running it for 7 years Ringo and Selena, of some Chinese origin, but rooted in Navarre. He has been a chef for 30 years. He spent many years at the China Imperial restaurant in Iturrama. El Hagar, however, is dominated by local and Italian gastronomy, with stuffed tortillas, hamburgers, pizzas, tagliatelle and ajoarriero. “It works very well for me, it is the most requested,” he adds. On request, there is Chinese food “but authentic”. “The ingredients are normal: lamb, beef, chicken, vegetables… but the cooking method is different,” he explains.

Selena, in addition to making cheesecakes and other desserts, also Painter. This is evidenced by the pictures that decorate the dining room. “I’ve sold some to customers. If someone likes what they are now, they are sold,” he notes. One of the walls is decorated with dozens of postcards sent tohangarans around the world“. “Send us a postcard from somewhere, and when you visit us again, you’ll have a couple of beers and a tapas for free,” the poster reads. The postman has no shortage of work.

LARRE Brewery Homemade Fries

It larre brewery It was born as an Irish bar more than two decades ago. He has been running it for 7 years Alex:, a Chinese hotelier who has preserved both the decor and the atmosphere of the place. The bar is made of wood imported from England. “I studied with the previous owner for three months. We Chinese learn very quickly. Everything here is homemade, the fried dishes, the tortillas…“, he comments. That’s why it has two cooks and two waiters. Alex arrived in Spain 19 years ago and first had a shop in Zaragoza. “I came to Noah to work and live. It is a quiet and pleasant city. There are many good people. Mostly elderly people come here, as well as families with children who come to the park. There is more atmosphere in summer. And on Monday, when there is a market in the square,” says Alex.


He restaurant 99: is located on the first floor Hotel Ibis Styles. “We provide services to landfill workers, airport pilots and flight attendants, the Noin district and, of course, hotel customers,” lists Victor Sobrido, who recently took charge of 99, with a staff of 15. people, mostly women. “In this area was the football field, which had a small bar, it was practically a shack called 99. Its owner was one of the hotel’s partners, and they wanted to keep the name,” explains Sobrido. Dining room seats 250 restaurants and the cafe for 60 people. The cafe offers combo meals, sandwiches, portions, and more. And the dining room has a menu of the day with seasonal products. “We intend to turn the restaurant into a grill cider house and promote dinners. They have already brought us the cups,” he says.

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