Otorexia, the disease that affects more people because of healthy food.

Today the Internet, as well as social networks, are good places to find more information on almost any topic and in any field. In fact, both experts on the subject in question or other people who know firsthand what it is about can meet on this type of platform. This or the solutions they were able to process at some point in their life experience.

In this case, in relation to eating disorders, it can also perform a social function. That is, contact people who have overcome this kind of problem or a doctor who is able to Help or guide us to improve our health.

One of the essential aspects is knowing how to recognize that you are suffering from this type of disorder. The most common are Anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder. nails The most common diseases of our social perception about our environment.

Regular and moderate physical activity is always necessary to burn calories and lose weight pixabay

Orthorexia: an eating disorder that is increasingly affecting more people

This is called an eating disorder OsteopathybutWhat is TCA made of??

People with this new type of disorder with those who control A Carefully and accurately list all the foods they eat. In fact, this obsession leads them to possessiveness Problems eating away from homeWhether at friends’ homes or restaurants.

Specifically, the Mayo Clinic includes some statements from the President of the Psychiatric Association of Madrid that affect this obsessive perfectionism of the orthorexic person: narrowly or a Personal difficulty that one tries to mitigate by controlling other aspects of life.

On the other hand, obsession with consuming calories from the food we eat every day is also related. People with orthopedic problems lose sight of it Eating “healthy” is not nutritious food. They can also pass hours and hours planning and preparing meals, Getting to a point where it becomes a problem.

The experience of a person who has suffered from this eating disorder

A person who has suffered from TCA tells this in an interview on the portal Yasin How was that experience. In it, he demonstrates the importance of one of the fashionable terms, and Real food:: “Industrial meals prepared from other foods and containing many ingredients, this is the definition you learn.”.

As an adult, I became obsessed with calories. I didn’t want to lose weight or anything when I started eating healthyBut I’m starting to fear gaining weight, developing insulin resistance, or getting sick from eating high-calorie, highly processed foods.He tells what was going on in his body.

Orthorexia can cause people to spend hours and hours preparing and planning their meals. pixabay

Finally, this is how he realized he had to change his orthopedic way of seeing: One week I had three dinners: with my parents, friends and from work. I wanted to go, but at the same time the thought of all the excesses overwhelmed me. Total, what I ended up having an anxiety attack And with my best friend from work telling me to go to the psychiatrist.

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