Pookie’s Healthy “Good Fast Food”: Delicious, Healthy and 100% Safe with Andy’s

healthy poke Strengthens food safety operations Implement Andy’s digital assistant in their kitchensensuring that poke dishes, in addition to being healthy, fresh and nutritious, provide the nutritional safety that today’s customers demand.

With more than 33 stores distributed throughout the Spanish geography, the chain has become in a very short time in One of the leaders of the new generation of “good fasting” in our countrywhich proves that fast food can also be healthy.

As the brand is rapidly expanding and planning, they are its founders The importance of establishing efficient and centralized food safety processes It can be easily reproduced in all its facilities and, above all, monitored in real time and remotely.

healthy poke Manual HACCP registrations are saved

healthy poke selected dew As an ideal tool to digitize, standardize and centralize food safety protocols In all brand kitchens. In no time the manual HACCP, temperature control, cleaning and shift change records were replaced by Andy’s digital records. Their teams now complete all food safety protocols expected of them in a directed manner and in a fraction of the time.

“We needed to see the operations in our stores in real time,” he says. Eduardo Gomez, Brand Manager for Healthy Pokein Andy’s video broadcast, AndyTalksAdding: “Now, Supervisors can control their workplace without having to be there, Which is somewhat complicated, because if we open all stores at 7 in the morning, it is impossible for the manager’s area to be in all stores at 7 in the morning. With Andy they can see if they did the opening right, if they did the opening checklist, if they controlled for HACCP, food safety issues, etc. “

Digitize your food safety processes with Andy, and after a quick and easy rollout, Healthy Poke has achieved greater efficiency, organization, and standardization of its day-to-day operations: From resolving potential incidents in record time and without any stress, to supervising HACCP tasks in different locations in real time.

“One of our greatest joys is seeing how easy it is for Andy to make it easier for the kitchen teams at big chains like Healthy Poke,” he says. Rafa Lennan, CEO, Andy.

Andy produces 328 hours of assignments per year per site

Andy is designed and developed for Guide them in their most tedious and repetitive tasks from day to day, saving up to 328 hours per year per shop! By reducing the time they spend on these types of tasks, they can focus more on preventing risks, and do their work better and more creatively,” adds the director.

Andy Healthy Poke

Andy also has a very complete help center and library that is constantly updated, as well It not only facilitates the work of employees, but also facilitates their trainingAll necessary documents are available in text and video format so that workers can refer to them whenever they need them.

“We are very pleased to contribute to a company with such an important mission Change what the world knows as “junk food” to “healthy food”You can continue your important work without worrying about the many problems that arise when all points of food safety are not well regulated,” says Rava.

You can experience the many benefits it can bring to your business, and it has Your first restaurant is set up in less than 30 minutesIn the Andy’s webpage. Once set up, it’s a matter of getting organized and moving toward infinitely better food safety processes that prevent headaches, save lots of money, and make teams and customers happier.

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