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Morning tastes sometimes like a few eggs and other times like a succulent tower of fluffy pancakes with a square of butter, honey and fruit. There are many on the market Exact options To prepare these small lists, although not all of them are trustworthy, as announced by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office for Consumer (Profeco).

he Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mexican Gastronomy Explains that Hot buns It is a small, slightly thick American crepe that is eaten with butter, chocolate, condensed milk, jam, maple syrup, blueberries, bananas, or strawberries.

According to Profeco, when eating this dish, you should pay attention to aspects such as the sugar content, because they can cause weight gain if consumed in excess: the World Health Organization recommends that no more than 50 grams of free sugar be consumed at 50 grams. , although it is better to reduce it to 25 grams per day.

Flour for hot cakes rejected by Profeco

In the April issue, the Consumer Magazine Profeco Analysis 52 minutes ready:

  • 19 with wheat flour
  • 9 with non-wheat flour and flour mixtures and/or starches
  • 5 with oats
  • 5 is gluten-free
  • 7 with chocolate chips, cereal or other ingredients
  • 7 No added sugar

The said analysis was evaluated health qualityAnd content H Instructions for preparationIt was found that many of them do not meet the quality criteria such as:

  • They provide less product than they advertise
  • They do not have instructions for use
  • They highlight ingredients that are not the main ones
  • The instructions are not in spanish
  • They do not provide the proper food clearance
  • It does not indicate the percentage of some ingredients
  • Missing front tag stamps

In a statement posted on April 5, Profeco provided a preview of some of the incorrect “failed” brands in Content of protein, fat and sugarthat is, what they are selling does not comply with their stated information and, therefore, they are not complying with Mexican regulations.

They are not honest in their content

This is the list posted for those who do not comply with protein:

  • Murama Keto Pancake Flour Almond Coconut & Monk Fruit (Mexico) 350g: Declared 25.0% / Containing 11.72%.
  • D’MeALS, flour for making hot cakes (Mexico) 500g: declare 13.0% / contain 7.51%.
  • MUNDO LIGHT, wholegrain pancake flour with amaranth (Mexico) 500g: declare 13.0% / contain 8.10%.
  • BOB’S RED MILL: Home Style Pancake & Waffle Mix (USA) 680g: declares 11.4% / contains 7.22%.
  • BOB’S RED MILL PROTEIN PAN & WAFFLER (USA) 397g: declares 35.3% / contains 18.68%.
  • RUF, Biscuit Dark Chocolate Pancake Mix (Germany) 150g: declare 21.0% / contain 14.81%.
  • ÍNTEGRA ALTA NUTRICIÓN, whole wheat flour for pancakes with oats (Mexico) 500g: declare 13.0% / contain 8.87%.

It does not comply Fat statement:

  • COME VERDE, flour prepared for gluten-free hot cakes (Mexico) 350g: declares 1.0% but contains 11.93% total fat.
  • Murama Keto Pancake Flour Almond Coconut & Monk Fruit (Mexico) 350g: Declares 17.5% but contains 38.09%.
  • San Blas Gluten Free Flour for Hot Cakes (Mexico) 900g: Declares 4.0% but contains 9.69%.

They are not honest in advertising sugars:

  • Healthy nutrients can be delicious, prepared flour for pancakes based on coconut and almonds (Mexico) 300g: Declares 0.9% less total sugars but contains 2.64%.
  • Pronto Light, prepared flour reduced in sugar and low in fat, for making hot cakes (Mexico) 800g: declares 5.0% but contains 9.42%.
  • SAN BLAS CON FIBRA, flour for making hot cakes with fiber (Mexico) 1 kg: declares 3.0% but contains 14.26%

Contains sweeteners

Another finding is that there are flours that contain no-calorie sweeteners and sugar substitutes Not recommended for children.

  • Clementine Gluten Free: Flour for Pancakes and Pancakes (Mexico) 350g.
  • D’MEALS: Flour for hot cakes (Mexico) 500 gr.
  • Healthy nutrients can be tasty: Flour prepared for pancakes based on coconut and almonds (Mexico) 300 gr.
  • LA MORISCA: Flour for hot cakes without sugar (Mexico) 500g.
  • Murama: Keto pancake flour. Almond, Coconut & Monk Fruit (Mexico) 350 Gm.
  • Pronto Light: Flour for making traditional hot cakes (Mexico) 350 gr.
  • TASTY DBS: Wheat flour for pancakes without sugar (Mexico) 300 gr.
  • TRUE AMARANTO: Flour for hot amaranth cookies (Mexico) 350g.

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