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Korean studio HIDEA presents Cats & Soup, a relaxing proposition where you have to cook soup with adorable kitten protagonists. We’ve tasted it on the Moto G100 and tell you how juicy it is in this review.

Cats and soup came down in all its charm Android: by a Korean studio HYDEA. A stress-relieving experience where the goal is as simple as making different varieties of soup, responsible for a wide variety of kittens that will cut and scratch vegetables to reach the goal. But that’s not all, as there are juices, rewards, clothes, new recipes and much more to unlock. He Moto G100 It was the container for this interesting dish that we tasted, and we’ll tell you if it’s any good in this review.


Legs to work.

This game free to play The simulation begins with just one catnip under our belt stirring the main pot of soup we will be constantly cooking with. These will give us a certain amount of coins, which will mainly be used to buy other kitchen tools and ingredients, for example, to make carrot, cabbage or corn soups. There will also be a sector of juices that will be produced with the same products. Each of these new stage areas will come with a random kitty as a master and special talents.

Cats and soup

Likewise, we will open other places such as rest points and an energy meter to raise, chests to get cosmetics and their benefits (for example, to make more money), a place to call a genie that will give us coins. watching ads, fishing ponds, etc.

Cats and soup

Another function of gold and energy will be to increase the fee for each soup or juice prepared, in addition to improving their recipes accordingly.

Cats and soup

Lots of spices to enjoy

Not everything in this title will be cooking tasks. Among the many activities that can be done, we highlight fishing and feeding cute mammals to increase affinity, dressing them as we like, either with appearance or costume advantages, claiming daily rewards, buying decorations for each of our rooms. companion mustache (visible in the individual profile section), complete missions, complete achievements, build new areas, collect items, etc.

Cats and soup

nice menu

The feeling it evokes Cats and soup when it feels calm and joyful. The game (which is alone and without the exclusive need for the Internet) is as simple as touching the different options that appear on the screen, and each interaction does not lead to aggression or anxiety, but makes us relax and enjoy the general. art It can be somewhat addicting at times because there are so many things to do (you can even speed up the timeout if you see some ads), but it doesn’t change the overall experience.

Cats and soup

The designs for both the pups and the environments are gorgeous, colorful, and even feel handcrafted (it even includes a photo mode with coins as a prize), while the music (which tracklist: can be expanded with special points) accompanies the weather of every moment with sweet and happy melodies.

Cats and soup

How does it feel on the Moto G100?

He Moto G100 It fits perfectly with the effect this video game creates. Your processor Snapdragon 870 ensures smooth performance so you don’t miss a dish and get more revenue. The 6.7-inch screen lets you see the beautiful graphics in full, ideal for capturing the best moments. And the 5000 mAh battery will be the flame that feeds the kitchen to serve soups and juices for a long time, even in good lighting conditions.

This cooking simulator weighs 73 MB and is available for free on the website Play Store: y: App Store:.


Cats and soup It leaves a very good taste for both adults and the youngest members of the family. Its gameplay is addictive, though otherwise calm and enjoyable, with simple controls and objectives that don’t involve aggression or tension. The art in general is very nice in both animations and music. The amount of cute cats, missions, achievements, collectibles, and customization keeps the task list fueled and expandable. A good and hearty dish that can be enjoyed for hours.

Cats and soup

RELEASE DATE: July 30, 2021
GAMA High average

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