Say goodbye to freezers thanks to Xiaomi’s latest release

The Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Vacuum Sealer is very easy to use, accepts vacuum bags of various sizes, and costs less than 40 euros to replace.

This is Mijia automatic vacuum sealing machine, Xiaomi’s first vacuum sealing machine.

In addition to mobile phones, tablets, wireless headphones and quantitative bracelets, Xiaomi is a manufacturer that stands out for what it has; a very wide catalog of home appliances under the Mijia brandwhich does not stop growing week after week with the arrival of new products.

So, if last week we told you that the Chinese giant launched a “supermop” that vacuums and scrubs at the same time, and a clothesline to dry your clothes at home, now Xiaomi has just launched the perfect solution for you to forget about it about freezing food in bushes. a vacuum sealing machine that allows you to preserve food quickly and easily.

Xiaomi Mijia automatic vacuum sealing machine. this is the first Chinese brand automatic vacuum sealing machine.

How we’re getting ahead of GizmochinaXiaomi has just launched the Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Vacuum Sealer in its home country. automatic vacuum sealing machine that is very simple to usebecause all you have to do is put a vacuum sealable bag in it and press the button to take care of it. Lift, vacuum and seal the bag in seconds.

Xiaomi MIJIA Automatic Vacuum Sealing Machine-1

Xiaomi MIJIA automatic vacuum sealing machine is able to vacuum seal any food in a really efficient way.

This vacuum sealing machine is equipped to perform this task automatically vacuum pump with a suction power of -70 KPa and a flow rate of 7 l/min it ensures the complete removal of air from the bag and the infrared technology responsible for detecting the vacuum bag when you place it in the car.

In this regard, the Xiaomi Mijia automatic vacuum sealing machine compatible with vacuum bags up to 32 millimeters in diameterwhich will allow you to use bags of different sizes to store nuts, juices and even snacks.

The Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Vacuum Sealer is now available for pre-order in China through the company’s crowdfunding platform at a promotional price of 249 Yuan. about 33 euros to change and the first units will start arriving to their new owners from April 27.

When this product ends its promotional period, Xiaomi’s automatic food sealing machine will cost 299 yuan, about 39 euros to change.

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