Slow Cooker Pizza Recipe with Bratta and Bacon


  1. Pour flour and water at room temperature into a bowl. Then add the yeast and mix well. When these ingredients are combined, we add the salt.
  2. We continue to stir and when it acquires body, we turn the dough into a smooth and clean surface and continue kneading. Divide the buns and leave the dough to ferment for 24 hours.
  3. As we approach dinner time, we turn on the oven with the rest of the ingredients on hand to cover;
  4. We assemble the pizza by dividing the mozzarella, burrata and slices of bacon, peaches, plums and tomatoes. We finish with good strands of olives, a few leaves of basil and freshly ground pepper. Cook and enjoy.

On his networks and in his pizzeria @lucio_marini, the chef, born in Córdoba and adopted in Santa Fe, shares recipes mainly inspired by the cuisine of the Littoral. This slow-fermented Neapolitan-style pizza (without the Neapolitan) using organic flour is one of his most acclaimed creations for its combination of textures and flavors. It is easy to do with his explanations slow cooker pizza with burrata and bacon; It also has tomatoes, mozzarella, peaches, plums, basil, olives and black pepper.

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