Spanish restaurants will face a more demanding consumer in 2023

section Recovery Had to reinvent itself to adapt New trends and changes in consumption habits. In fact, the most innovative business models are the most successful and best preserved in this sector.

This was revealed within the framework of the webcast course of “Excellence Talks”, organized by the consulting company Mondo Francoisia, in which Mariano Alonso, General Manager of this company, confirmed that consumer on meIt requires more transparency and honesty“.

A view endorsed by Luisa Masuet, director of McDonald’s franchises in Spain: “As a trend, we all have a more demanding customer, who wants transparency. That is, to know where the raw materials come from, to know what is going from the brand to the planet … Companies, apart from taking The actions that support all of this, their delivery.

Precisely due to the fact that the consumer is now becoming more demanding, José Torrente, Director of Expansion at Grupo Dihme, points out that it is necessary as an entrepreneur “to be constantly assessed customer experience in the enterprise.”

“Healthy” uptrend

For his part, Miguel Angel Lopez, CEO of the frozen yogurt company Smöoy, highlighted the growth of the healthy trend among consumers, as well as the importance of social and environmental commitments for companies: product. useful products for the people who eat it. There is also a trend towards social and environmental commitments. I think it’s part of what society, in general, demands not only of the catering sector, but of any other sector.”

In assessing the current situation of the Spanish Restoration, Louisa Massuet considered the very important challenge to be the case of the Spanish Reconquista Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, he also highlighted another fundamental challenge, the professionalization of the sector: “The restaurant sector needs and has scope for more professional training in all its fields, and the issue of qualification is something we believe helps a lot in achieving its fruits.” .

For her part, the editor-in-chief of Restastation News, Anay Garcia, highlighted the importance of The role of technology“Right now, I think the main challenges in this sector revolve around technology. They have to think about how to better digitize their technology channels, such as delivery, and make good use of their tools.”

For Mariano Alonso, the challenge Essential, as always, is found in income statements. Something Jose Torrente also agreed with: “In our own and franchise stores, we constantly have to sharpen the pencil and look at all the items on the income statement.” In the same vein, Miguel Ángel López indicated that the main objective of a company being profitable: “In the end, what we are looking for with our activity is to make this operating account profitable. This is what we are always looking for from the first moment we have the idea of ​​creating a company. “.

Advantages of the franchise system

Among its many benefits, Mariano Alonso highlighted the benefits of total economy: “In the case of catering, although it also happens in other sectors, one of the advantages is the ability of the head office to negotiate with suppliers. It is the high volume of purchases that the head office manages to meet the demand for all their stores that generate much lower prices.

Luisa Masuet emphasized Ongoing support that the franchisor gets from the central franchisor as one of the greatest benefits of the franchise system: “The franchisor will help the franchisor move forward in this business. If the franchisor does something wrong, he will ask the franchisor to point out what he has to change. And the franchisor is behind it, Because it is a joint business.” In addition, “what the franchising system contributes to is having a product/service that is offered in one place as in another. Franchising gives the possibility of repeating a model Tried and successful business“, he added.

Regarding the benefits related to business expansion, Miguel Ángel López noted that “ A more sustainable cooperative system To search for a local partner for business development in an area.”

In turn, José Torrente influenced me an exercise Given by the central franchisor: “The franchisee will receive support from all areas of the company, and training so that they can manage the brand well.”

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