The best Japanese restaurants in Málaga to fall in love with sushi

It food Japanese This is one of the gastronomic cultures best suited to the wide variety of restaurants that Malaga has to offer. Perhaps, along with Italian and usually Chinese, they offer the most and best options in the state. Today, from this writer’s experience, we review top restaurants Japanese From Malaga or that they offer fine and delicate service from their menu, especially the favorites sushithe king of this kitchen.


Ta-Kumi has the Repsol Guide Sun with him, something that already reveals the level of cuisine of Toshio Tsutsu and Alvaro Arbeloa. They have one of their restaurants in the center of Málaga, near the Plaza de la Merced, and the other in Marbella. The quality of the produce is what dominates his sushi, a no-frills, good treatment of rice, high-end fish accompanied by common elements such as avocado, cucumber or asparagus. The price range of their uramaki (8 pieces) is 16 to 18 euros.


The Mediterranean cuisine on offer at Óleo, next to Málaga’s Center for Contemporary Art, also has hints of Japanese food. His sushi is tame and bold, a delicacy that enters the mouth to linger and be savored. It has a good range of options. There are many varieties of nigiri, both normal and aburi (flambé). Granted, they don’t have a huge variety of makis and uramaki, but they are enough to make you want to repeat and try them all, especially with fish butter and truffle or teriyaki sauce. The price range is very competent in terms of quality, from 8 to 16 euros for their uramaki.


Another Mediterranean fusion restaurant that offers Japanese cuisine in its varied menu. In particular, due to its proximity, it is one of the most and best that I have tried. Tuna and blizzard tiradito with ponzu and truffle sauce is an unbeatable start before trying their variety of sushi. Their scallop or ventresca aburi nigiri are delicious. They have a wide variety of uramaki/aburi, although we have to especially recommend the truffle toro and lime salmon as surefire hits. If you love meat, the foie gras with truffle is an inspiration. These range in price from €9.50 to €18.50.


Hidden away in Pedregalejo on Calle Varadero is Misuto, a Mediterranean cuisine and sushi specialty that has recently enjoyed a revamped setting as the space has been renovated and redecorated. The variety and quality of the produce mark its menu, with uramaki, spice sake roll and truffle toro all king. Of course, for the color taste… His uramaks are between 9 and 18 euros.


And finally we stopped in Torremolinos, in the Bajondillo area, with Tiki, one of the restaurants that has been on top of the wave for the longest time in terms of sushi. Variety and creativity with a first class product that leaves no doubt that you are facing one of the best in Malaga. A lady’s roll or a spicy butterfly takes away the meaning. They also have tiraditos, tartares and ceviches that you can’t miss. Their uramaks are between 14 and 20 euros.

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