The best savory and sweet recipes to eat deliciously this Easter

By religious belief or tradition, to Easter Many people avoid eating red meat. especially Good Friday, a day of fasting for Catholic believers. In cow country, this can be an inconvenience when planning a menu, but luckily there are many possible alternatives, from fish, which tends to increase consumption around these dates, to pasta and pizza.

Inside salty dishes, Patties Vigil they are classic. Although the typical ones are tuna, it can be varied. However, it is worth encouraging yourself to try other alternatives according to one’s budget and taste. The same goes for Sunday’s sweet table, where the classic Easter thread this can be done in many ways.

and do homemade chocolate eggs There are also options that allow you to create and decorate or fill them as you wish. In any case, Holy Week and Easter are a good opportunity to discover new flavors.

This Easter Empanadas recipe is a classic for Easter.

Recipes for healthy empanadas and other dishes without red meat

These days it is customary to consume fish dishesa tradition that many Argentinian families adhere to.

There are many preparations without meat, but there is one that is used especially on these dates Patties Vigil. They can be made with tuna, mixed fish or spinach or chard. They are delicious, large and very layered dough. Ideal for a generous starter or as a main course.

Another classic to savor Galician empanadawhich has a homemade batter that wraps a tuna filling (it can be from another fish or even a mix of them) with onion, tomato and red pepper pan.

For those days when barbecue isn’t an option, after a quick fishing trip or a call to the nearest delivery location, you can also cook: seafood paella.

The Galician empanada is a tuna cake made with canned fish.  (Photo by Julio Juarez)

The Galician empanada is a tuna cake made with canned fish. (Photo by Julio Juarez)

But be careful, it is not only fish that replaces or replaces red meat. Pasta, for example, is always a home-cooked dish, rich, cheap and plentiful to enjoy together. Even more so if we want to keep the ban on carnivores.

Mix some flour, eggs and some sauce, garlic and olives or vegetables from the fridge. Besides eating, kneading and cooking delicious food videos It will provide a fun and creative space for sharing. Pizzas are not off the menu unless ham or other sausages are added.

Pizza, an alternative to carne roja.  Photo by Martin Bonetto.

Pizza, an alternative to carne roja. Photo by Martin Bonetto.

Easter eggs and donuts

Many more delicious dishes can be mentioned, but we know that sweet preparations Easter Sunday They are the most awaited. Let’s start with him screw thread. That dough resembling milk bread, delicious and spongey, with pastry cream, is always a temptation.

Plus, there’s the option for those who dare to make it stuffed cookie, a bomb of pleasure. For the most ardent confectioners, we suggest raising the bar of the challenge and cooking bagel with brioche dougha French recipe that has its twists, but remember that the reward will come from the first bite.

Rosca de Pascua with pastry cream.  Photo: F. Of Order.

Rosca de Pascua with pastry cream. Photo: F. Of Order.

And we come to the moment of talking about the undisputed king of the Easter table chocolate egg. The price of the manufacturers is through the roof, as always during these celebrations. If we add to this that we are in quarantine, and therefore it is not advisable to leave the house to go to the supermarket to choose and compare Easter eggs, the solution is to prepare them at home. Let’s say we need molds, chocolate – mold and small surprises.

A few years ago they were all the rage deviled egg. Why not try one more time? It’s half a chocolate shell with chocolate cream inside. This egg has two advantages: it is easier to prepare, because there is no need to glue two lids and decorate. You just make a lid and you can fill it with anything you can think of: chocolate cake, cream, nutella and fruit, sponge cake and dulce de leche, chocolate cream…

Open and filled Easter eggs are everywhere.  Photo by Fernando De la Orden

Open and filled Easter eggs are everywhere. Photo by Fernando De la Orden

After all, for many, that is what Easter is all about: a family gathering, good food… and a resurrection of hope.

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