The new Zeekr X has been introduced. A compact SUV targeting the German premium market

Not content with increasingly controlling the volume market for electric vehicles, the Chinese have also gone head-to-head to conquer premium segments hitherto untouched by the Germans and Japanese. A recent example is the Zeekr X release. A giant Geely model aimed squarely at the Germans and Japanese.

with the body 4.45 meters longand the wheelbase is 2750 mm Seeker X: It’s a typical compact SUV that seeks customers among families and city dwellers who need a vehicle for getting around town and going on getaways with their friends or pets.

It’s similar in size to the Peugeot 3008, Renault Austral and Volkswagen Tiguan, a step below the Hyundai IONIQ 5, Skoda Enyaq iV and Volkswagen ID.4.

This is sitting Geely SEA platformwhich is the same one used by like-new offers Clever #01but placed in a model that seeks to appeal to customers with a slightly higher budget, who are looking for a different design, as well as good finishing and modern equipment.

Zeekr’s own CEO Andy Ann aims to revolutionize the premium compact market, dominated by brands such as: Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audiwhich you mentioned are luxury brands, but without truly premium products.

Something they want to address with the Zeekr X, of which he emphasized that despite its compact size, it will not mean sacrificing space for occupants and their cargo, benefits or equipment.

Among other things, Zeekr X has modern technological elements such as a the door is opened by facial recognition, a removable center screen, power folding rear seats and a refrigerator that can reach temperatures down to 15 degrees below zero. So we can take ice cream on our excursions. We can also do the opposite, that is, thanks to the hot mode, between 35 and 50 degrees, we can keep the food hot longer.

It also has an autonomous driving system in all its variants, equipped with a high-definition and long-range front camera, 4 long-range and medium-range radars, as well as up to 12 cameras distributed throughout the body for 360 control. stairs.

An offer that will complement its attractive design and equipment with a mechanical configuration that in some cases borders on the absurd. For example, we see how the most radical version has two engines, all-wheel drive, and no less than power. 315 kW (422 CV) With a devastating maximum torque of 543 Nm. A system that allows you to complete 0 to 100 km/h speed in 3.7 seconds.

Of course, collecting horses in the era of the electric car is not so difficult. Another thing is to be able to manage them. And that’s what we recently saw as its twin brother, the Smart #01, with its Brabus version that puts out 428 CV, failed in the KM77 dodgeball.

In particular, the tester noted that Smart #01 Brabus.It lacks a balance point, as the stratospheric performance it offers does not match well with the chassis tuning, which is highly oriented towards comfort and without sportiness.»

Therefore, either Zeekr has made changes in the dynamic part, or we are faced with another monster of acceleration in a straight line, but a more relaxed relative in the corners.

It will also have a single engine version, rear wheel drive and 200 kW (272 hp) capacity. An alternative that seems a lot more reasonable and that won’t be too slow either, allowing you to reach 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds.

As for the battery issue, the Zeekr X will be packing a lithium pack in all its variants with capacity. 66 kWh and autonomy CLTL up to 560 km, which remain 512 km in the Performance version. A battery that can be charged at a maximum of 150kW with 10-80% in 30 minutes.

Pricing for the Zeekr X in China starts at 189,800 yuan or €25,130 for the cheapest variant, while the mid-ranger does so at 209,800 yuan or €27,780 to change.

This is very close to rivals such as the Volkswagen ID.4, which with recent price drops in China starts at 174,900 yuan or 23,160 euros.

The most important thing for us is that the president Zeekr mentioned during the presentation that the brand will arrive in Europe this year, although he did not specify specific dates. A plan that will be presented in a few days during the Shanghai Motor Show, where we will learn about the expansion plans of this Chinese brand in our market.

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