the recipe of the world champion pizza maker

It can be done Neapolitan pizza in the oven at home? This is what many have asked themselves on various occasions. Specialists, specialized media, youtubers of food… many have tried to find the ideal way to make homemade pizza with these features to bring this real delicacy closer to their homes.

Neapolitan pizza traditional Italian round pizzabut which is characterized especially by his thick and high edges. However, its dough is thin and delicate at the same time.

In Naples and in Italy it is generally considered a real delicacy and a source of national pride. So much so that the creed authentic Neapolitan artisan pizza (authentic artisan Neapolitan pizza, in Spanish) recognized as a traditional Italian agri-food product.

Davide Civitello, former World Pizza Champion 2017detailed Fine Italy his method of doing so, responding to the demands of many followers. Pizzaiolo tells all the details about the ingredients and the process in the video, nearly five and a half years later YouTube: has added over 11.8 million views.

Recipe by Davide Civitiello

Based on a recipe by maestro pizzaiolo Davide Civitiello four main components Neapolitan pizza. water, flour, yeast and salt. But add on sugar and extra virgin olive oil additionally do it in a home oven that will not reach high temperatures professional pizza oven. The oil will add flavor and the sugar will help color with that in mind cooking will take longer than in a wood stove.

Dough ingredients (for 10 pizzas)

  • 1 liter of water
  • 1600 g flour 00:00
  • 50 g of salt
  • 2 g of yeast
  • 20 g of sugar
  • 50g extra virgin olive oil

Pizza Man claims to be important refractory stone in our home oven, cookware that we can buy online or in specialty stores. This will help us gather heat so that the dough comes into contact with the hot base and, in a way, also so that the heat comes from above.

To do this timewe are going to add 1 kg flour on one side of the bowl or container, which allows us to work comfortably, and we put agua.

We integrate yeast in flour, which should always be in contact. And we do the same slab in the water, because the salt should not come into contact with the yeast.

Something like Neapolitan pizza can be made at home

Pexels/Rene Strgar

We knead and add sugar. And then we’ll add oil, even with very sticky dough. If we work it with a mixer, the oil can be integrated in the last few minutes without any problem.

Then we add the remaining 600 grams flour. We knead taking into account that the dough with different characteristics will ask us for more water or more flour, so maybe we need to adjust it.

We can keep kneading already on a non-porous table a trick. We should get an elastic dough that we will knead at least about 20 minutesif we do it manually.

When we have a homogeneous mass, leave it rest for 20 minutes cover with a cloth or some kind of container so that it does not dry out. Then we form the balls With a similar weight, with which we will make pizzas. this recipe will practically yield 10 balls. They should be well sealed. Cover and let it ferment for six to eight hours..

After eight hours, the dough will double in volume. then we should give it a pizza lookwith a little touch, he lightly brushed the flour from the front. It technique it is important, so it is convenient to watch the video.

Put the dough on a tabla with which we are going to take it to the oven, and we put the ingredients. To prevent the dough from sticking, lightly flour the board.

What about? tomato, it is most common to use canned peeled whole tomatoes. The most traditional in Italy San Marzano.

Pizzaiolo advises do not beat it, but grind it with your hands or with a grinding mill. And always top it off with a gram of raw and salt slab 100 per tomato. We can also integrate olive oil and basil leaveswhich will leave more of its flavor if we prepare it in advance.

Let’s add a couple of tablespoons, without crossing the edges. You should avoid having too much liquid. We also add just the right amount of it fior di latte mozzarella, cut into strips with a knife, medium cut. We can let it dry.

We put pizza on it furnace refractory stone (or on a tray) that should be as hot as we can. According to the expert, this will be enough 5 or 6 minutes to cook it (one more thing if we don’t have fire stone).

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