They kill the pastor of a Christian church in the south of Barranquilla

The 34-year-old man killed in the south of Barranquilla last Wednesday night, April 12, has been identified as José Abraham Hernández Rodríguez. The murder was registered in the Carrizal district, at calle 51E carrera 2G.

Preliminary information indicates that Two men on a motorcycle approached the victim in the aforementioned direction and shot him twice. Hernandez Rodriguez was wounded by two bullets in the head and back.

Residents of the area helped Joshua Abraham and moved him to the department San Ignacio Clinic, where he was pronounced dead.

The attackers reached the south of Barranquilla and attacked the victim. – The photo. Photo: El País archive

The deceased was found to be a native of Venezuela. He worked as a pastor of a Christian church and lived in Barranquilla for about five years.

The city’s metro police are investigating the motives of the event to find out what happened and identify the culprits.

Demonstrations of violence in Barranquilla do not stop. On Tuesday, April 11, authorities found a dead body in an apartment in one of the residential buildings in the north of Barranquilla.

The victim is a 57-year-old man, who authorities have identified as Alex García Camacho, his body was found in the apartment where he lived by two of his relatives, including his uncle, who disappeared for several days. and as they had no news of him, they determined to go to that place, and a foul smell issuing from the building induced them to force their way in, finding their beloved lifeless.

A body was found in the building. – The photo. Photo: Colprensa/El País

Alex Garcia was an informal security guard who lived alone in the apartment where he was found. His body was in a pool of blood and at first, according to the same members of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police Sijin, it appeared that he had suffered multiple blows to different parts of his body.

“According to the statement of the quarter and family members, the victim went missing for days because he was an informal security guard and lived alone in that apartment. Laboratorio 2 Sijín reports that the deceased received blows to various parts of the body and a pool of blood,” said a police source.

Although the motives of the incident have not yet been determined and, according to the authorities, it is necessary to wait for the conclusion of the Forensic Medicine, the preliminary investigation is already underway and is being led by the members of the investigation department. National Police.

An explosive device was thrown at the restaurant

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, April 12, an attack took place in a commercial area in Barranquilla at a downtown restaurant located on Carrera 30 at Calle 38 in the Chiquinquira neighborhood.

According to witnesses of the event, a man riding a motorcycle threw a firebomb in front of a Chinese food restaurant company name “Yu Yuan” and after a few seconds the infrastructure started to burn.

With the help of firefighters, the community quickly managed to control the situation, and some associate it with an attack by extortion groups, because this is not the first case recorded in the capital of the Atlantic Ocean, it is true. of the two previous ones took place in the same district.

Over the weekend, on the night of Saturday, March 25, at least two commercial facilities were attacked, but on this occasion with gunshots. Two men were riding a motorcycle through the Chikinquira neighborhood, on 31st Street directly at 39th Street, and shot at a store with the trade name “El Diamante Verde”.

A firebomb was thrown at the front of the restaurant
A firebomb was thrown at the front of the restaurant – The photo. Retrieved from Citizen Support Network

Authorities confirmed that there were no injuries and announced that two people had been arrested as the main suspects.

“We managed to catch these criminals in a lock-up plan while they were on the run. Two people who had previous convictions for crimes such as illegal possession and conspiracy to commit a crime are brought in. They also confiscated a gun and pamphlets that allude to the criminal organization of Los Costenos.“, said Brigadier General Jorge Urquijo Sandoval, Barranquilla Metropolitan Police Commander.

The officer assured that said the attack was linked to extortion activities by criminal gangs, who use intimidation to pressure them to pay money.

Just one day ago, Friday, the front of the pharmacy was wounded by several bullets. The case was registered in the municipality of Soledad, at Calle 21, Carrera 29. The first versions indicate that two subjects on motorcycles arrived at the place and opened fire on the area. Also, there were no casualties.

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