This is a market in the heart of Mexico City

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Visitors move through the corridors of the market, accompanied by the chattering atmosphere that the music invites. The band, dressed in leather jackets, black hats and red bandanas around their necks, plays son huapango, a genre from the Huasteca Potosina region. Spurred on by the fiddle and violin chords, the crowd slowly moves from stall to stall, eyes amused by the great gastronomic offer. Located in the heart of central Mexico City, the variety of international food on offer at the San Juan Market is dizzying..

The Spanish offer is one of the most generousblack pudding from Burgos, Catalan sausages, chorizo ​​from Salamanca, extra green olive oil from Jaén; Manchego, Basque and Asturian cheeses, cured and aged. A wonderful array of artisanal sausages that vendors display on trays in honor of countries across the ocean and practically all over the world; the most diverse seaweeds and vegetables from China, the most colorful tubers from the Caribbean.

There are three constants that this market adheres to: variety, quality and originality., which rank it as one of the main tourist attractions of the capital. This historic place of traders welcomes more than two thousand visitors a week, faces of all nationalities collide in the narrow corridors where the shouts of local vendors and foreign languages ​​mingle.

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