Tips for making the perfect homemade pizza

Pizza is a great product for Friday night homes with kids. But it doesn’t have to be fast food if it’s prepared with care. Its origins are in 18th-century Naples, but worldwide success has given rise to many different styles. Here are some must-have tips.

Prepare the dough. It may command respect, but it is the key to giving the dish a unique taste. Its ingredients are few and cheap: flour, fresh yeast, olive oil, water and salt. The steps to follow are perfectly explained. Bea Garaizábal in your traditional pizza dough recipe(Opens in a new window). It can also be made with gluten-free flour. They are not as fluffy as wheat flour, but it is faster to prepare because it does not need to rise (some professional doughs are left cold for 24-48 hours). If you want to make it more crumbly, the main thing is not to put yeast on it.

It is recommended not to overload the pizza with ingredients.Shutterstock

Select the base type. They are divided into three categories. with a delicate base (traditional, Brazilian and deep tray); intermediate (New York, Neapolitan, and artisan) and bread-like (focaccia, New York Square, pizza al taglio, and Detroit-style).

Set the limit. Los: pizza they are true page enthusiasts. If it is lumpy and charred, it is called cornice, a case of Neapolitan pizza. Crispy with cheese is called frico and it is characteristic of Detroit.

Homemade tomatoes and fresh mozzarella are always recommended.

Homemade tomatoes and fresh mozzarella are always recommended.Shutterstock

Know the oven Convection fan ovens, common in most homes, are not the best for most pizzas because the hot air makes the base too fast and the volume suffers. It is recommended to lower the fan as much as possible. And for a crispy bottom, a griddle or baking stone is best.

accuracy and quality. People tend to believe that this type of dish is made “to taste”, but the truth is that precision is essential. It’s a good idea to weigh all the ingredients, and use home-grown tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and real cheeses. And it is not worth overloading it with components. Many times less. And fillings fresh, like basil, anchovies or prosciutto, it’s best to take them out of the oven.

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