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Gross: Through TikTok, thousands of users discover unique situations that happen in their daily lives. This time, a young Peruvian shared a video of an unpleasant incident that happened after eating at his friend’s house. Chinese restaurant From San Borgia. And that is that according to the images available on the Internet, the maquis he ordered had a worm that moved everywhere as if it were a caterpillar.

It turns out that the creator of the viral video, Paloma Beautis TikTok:He said he went to eat at Naruto, a popular Chinese food restaurant in Lima, without thinking that his order would come with a worm moving on a full plate. Makis who asked to have a good time.

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A Peruvian goes to a Chinese restaurant and finds a worm on your plate

As can be seen from the pictures on the digital platform, the worm was white, all over the plate, and moving a lot, as if to show that it was alive. But the most interesting thing is that the area manager told him that the animal is proof that “the vegetables are fresh”.

The fact left him in “shock” because the Chinese restaurant staff offered him a free meal for the bad time he had, but he refused and asked for a complaint book. “A worm in my food Naruto: of aviation in San Borja. Be very careful,” this is the description of the viral video spread on the social network.

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What did TikTok users say about the viral video?

The trending clip has over 300,000 views and hundreds of comments on the digital platform. “Fresh vegetables have maggots…not worms”, “now vegetables have to have maggots to know they are fresh”, “fish have maggots…”, “it’s a fly maggot, not a worm, no difference” , “it’s the protein”, are some reactions that the video went viral On TikTok.

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