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Keys to Wakea Franchise Success

  • Management team experience.
  • Highly profitable business model.
  • A commercial offer that adapts to any profile.
  • The quality/price of the product is good.

The Wakea franchise positions itself as a health foodie with a wide selection of pokes, and also offers popular dishes such as gourmet hamburgers, Mississippi-style wings, or grilled ribs, appealing to customers with very diverse tastes. Also, this offer is suitable for anyone, including celiacs and vegetarians.

With its warmth of interior design and decor, the Wakea franchise is an ideal environment for couples, groups, and families.

Another pillar of the Wakea franchise is an active presence at RRSS, reporting on menu news, promotions and contests.

Two months after opening the premises in Almería, Wakea has reached the number one spot among the best restaurants in Almería on the Tripadvisor platform. In addition, Wakea is the opinion leader on the Just Eat platform. The same situation happened in Murcia. Now in Madrid. Wherever he appears, he leaves everyone enchanted.

Wakea has, since its opening, been featured in the media on multiple occasions as an innovative example of healthy, balanced gastronomy.

Wakea Franchisee’s file

If you share Wakea’s vision of the world, and have always wanted to serve the best version of food, it’s yourself. If you want to be fresh, dynamic and want to conquer the world. Then you are one of them, you have exactly what they are looking for. And this cannot be done, whether you have it or not. If you have it, put yourself in their hands and let them do the rest.

Wakea Franchise History

Wakea is a restaurant concept where healthy food is mixed with gourmet oak holm. This business model was born in 2019 thanks to the experience gained by the management group for more than 20 years with the opening of the first store in Almería.

Currently, it has two own stores and two franchisees, which provides great profitability based on optimization of expenses in raw materials, supplies and personnel.

Why invest in a restaurant franchise?

If we think of a successful and stable career sector in our country, the sector that comes to mind in the first second is probably the hospitality industry, more specifically restaurant franchises and hospitality in general. The hotel industry is an industry that is constantly growing and in great demand due to our way of life and being one of the countries that receive the largest number of tourists worldwide.

Spain is always among the five most visited countries in the world due to the wide variety of tourism options offered by our country; Cultural trips, beach, mountain, romantic or sports holidays. The types of trips are as varied as the variety of business models available in the hospitality industry. This is when the idea of ​​starting a business with a cool banner comes into play.

Entering the restaurant franchise sector with the security and stability possible. Figures and numbers are irrefutable facts, and they are undoubtedly a fundamental pillar on which the economy is built. Investing in a franchise in this sector is almost a 100% safe bet, and it will provide profitability. Spain has an average of one bar for every 235 inhabitants.

In recent years there has been a clear expansion of hotel and restaurant franchises. This is mainly due to our lifestyle. Although it seems like the good weather beckons us to go out, it’s our own culture to celebrate life and be with our loved ones.

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