What happened to the disco where the devil appeared in Leon? Today, this joint is in place

León – Loud music, alcohol, parties and youth lit up the nights in Plaza Insurgentes from the seventies until today, but for years this phase of youth entertainment disappeared from the mall when, where The Normal nightclub is now located, rumors of a sinister phenomenon spread. . It is said to have been in 1979 when he was in office Mr. Greenwhich is known as “disco where the devil appeared”.

Legend has it that it was Good Friday in 1979, and the young people of that time went to the discotheque as usual. Mr. Green in the now semi-abandoned Plaza Insurgentes. They danced and sang non-stop to the beats of the Bee Gees, Gloria Gaynor and Dona Summer. They were young, many in their twenties, and at that age life seems eternal.

Late that Good Friday night Mr. GreenWith a few drinks on top, loud music, colored lights and smoke, the disco turned into a mesmerizing space until, according to legend, a muffled scream from the center of the glass and mirrored dance floor culminated in something like a trance. endless night

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But before that, something strange foreshadowed what later became a legend, with which they say it ended Mr. Green. There, at a disco, a lonely woman was approached by a handsome young man who asked her to dance with him. He could not refuse and agreed.

While they were dancing, he asked her not to look down on anything in the world. He promised her that he wouldn’t make her count on dancing with him, but the seduction ended with the promise and with him. He looked at the young dancer’s feet and found hooves instead.

He fainted and fell into a coma from which he never came out. He disappeared, the only trace they found of him was an evil message on a mirror.

“Satan appeared Mr. Green,” it began to spread word of mouth until it was shut down over the years. It is said that he was eventually abandoned by this legend.

All that remained of the disco were ruins and rumors of one of the youth’s favorite discotheques.

Today these young people are adults, fathers and mothers of other young people like them attend clubs, one of them is The Normal.

The normal y: Mr. Green

In 2019, a new nightlife offer came to Leo. Normal settled back to where it was Mr. Green in rebel squareeven the graffiti on the curtain of the neighboring business remains the same, not erased.

Since it arrived, it has become one of the favorites for its surreal and unique concept. To enter, you first have to pass through a Chinese house, which leads you into a kind of abandoned warehouse with a red carpet that ends in front of curtains of the same color that hide a counter.

That’s when the music starts playing. Bad Bunny, Rosalía and Quevedo start playing in the background until, after paying for cover, you descend the spiral staircase and that’s where the magic of The Normal begins. The pictures are blue and come with windex bottles, Drake Bell makes an appearance and they give away free McDonalds burgers to attendees.

They don’t know about the legend. Normal, which has become one of the favorites, in a youthful and surreal way erased the old legend that drove people away from the institution where Mr. Green was located, and brought life back to a square that seems day by day half-abandoned and dirty.

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