Where to eat in Las Tablas? 9 restaurants to succeed north of Madrid

It’s hard to believe that until just 20 years ago energetic Las Tablas district It was nothing but a vast wasteland, a wasteland beyond that border northern fuencaral From Madrid. But came the huge boulevards and roundabouts, companies and residential buildings and finally neighborhood life.

He menu of the day victorious between workers and office workers, yes, in all imaginable styles and forms From Vietnamese to Uruguayan cuisine and from Thai to hamburgers Passes in American style tapas and haute Chinese food.

Home to many chains, there are already several chefs and restaurant groups that have set their sights on this part of Madrid, including Maria Lee and Felipe Bao, Joseph Arias, who live with. traditional businesses and more informal offeringsin many cases from world cuisines.

Hasaku. Photo: Joseph Arias Group.

These are some of our recommendations The best restaurants in Las Tablas.

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Hasaku Nikkei by Joseph Arias

He Chef Joseph Ariaswho revolutionized the concept of Peruvian in the city with his first restaurant in Vallecas (Callao22), which would be followed by subsequent successes. Piscomar, Humo and the Boldkitchen “lab”is also behind Have you reached it? (Maria Tubau, 17), nikkei temple of gastronomy In Las Tablas and in Madrid in general.

Kitchens Japanese and Peruvian shake hands at this restaurant (which was born as shipment and in 2021 he made a leap into physical space in Las Tablas), whose name refers to the sour and hybrid orange, which in this case is associated with lime and citrus, a common thread in Peruvian cuisine.

Nike with a twist. Photo: Joseph Arias Group.

Gyozas, baos, ceviches, maki, nigiri and wokalways with recipes to which a turn and hand-made sauces with a spicy and fun touch are the great families of dishes at Hasaku, which has two impressive menus tasting (€43 and €45) to experience the best of Arias’ creations.

Among its star dishes maki acevicado, devil maki, American gyoza; char siu bath; he invasive cebiche or nikkei tenderloin.

Shanghai mom

Famous in the gastronomic scene, Maria Li Bao and Felipe BaoBehind Chinese haute cuisine concepts like China Crown, which focuses on Chinese imperial cuisine, or the new Bao Li, put a donut on Las Tablas last year. Shanghai mom (Paseo San Millán de la Cogolla, 5).

Fake risotto. Photo: Shanghai Mama.

In this concept it updates the most traditional Chinese cookbook with proposals fusing classic recipes with national products, dishes such as low temperature punch in hoisin sauce caramelized onions or baked salmon with steamed vegetables and wasabi naoli.

Also very rich siu mai stuffed with vegetables in the season that xiaolongbao de carne y truffle or fan gwo, sticky rice, boletus, shitake, wood ear, smoked tofu, bamboo and black truffle. Of course it is served Peking duck and another house star buckets with crispy chicken and seafood, finished off with a pint of egg pita.


We continue to tour the world without leaving Las Tablas Worthy (Maria Tubau, 19), an Indian who prides herself on a menu designed by a chef and influencer Shipra Khanna, winner of the second edition Master Chef Indiaas well as a TV presenter, author of gastronomic guides and a member of the Academy of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

The letter offers a journey through the vast variety of Indian flavors where you shine samosa, tandoori, rice dishes and the chicken and lamb curries

Very tight to themselves executive menu (€14.50), tasting (€30.95) and night (€35).

Photo: Arpit.

Paul’s hand

Not many authentic Uruguayan restaurants in Madrid and possibly the best in town Paul’s hand (Fromista, 14), right in Las Tablas.

Lourdes and Pablo, the Guerra brothersare the soul of the restaurant, whose head chef is Orlando Quinteros.

Together, they protect this grill where you come to taste great Grilled Angus beef Uruguayan traditional. Chorizo ​​steak, crust, black pudding, fried strip… you’ll be right with anything.

Real Uruguayan civiton. Photo: Pablo’s hand.

In addition, recipes from Rio de la Plata such as chivitos, empanadas, provoletas, pizzas and delicious homemade desserts.

District 1

And on our way back to Asia, always without leaving Las Tablas, we stopped there District 1 (San Millán de la Cogolla, 9). A small restaurant born in 2019 in Delicias with an idea Traditional Vietnamese home cooking and it, now in Las Tablas, is one of the neighborhood favorites for its fresh taste and substance careful staging.

a tasting of neem (Vietnamese gumbo, meat and seafood with 3 different sauces), some of them baos such as calamari, lacquered bacon or grilled Iberian meat and vegetables with chilli mayonnaise sauce, dim sum, bun cha (grilled pork with rice noodles), quang fideos: o: come curry ordering some options and traveling to Vietnam through the palate.

Baos are among specialties. Photo: district 1.


The neighborhood is also famous for its burgers, especially those who came Beef (Paseo Tierra de Melide, 42).

Most (North) American mail includes Buffalo wings, french fries, quesadillas, fingers chicken and tacos as appetizers and its forte, burgers such as gorgonzola, jalapeño, barbecue, cheeseburger or vegetarian.

The most “gochos” can choose the special ones. stuffed brie, cheese and fried bacon, Louisiana, foie gras and bouleute or “big burger”; 360 g of grilled meat with harvati cheese only for carnivores.

Oam Thong

“Thai Comfort Cuisine” is the slogan of Oam ThongDelicious Thai located in Navarete, 9.

Born in 2005 at Corazon de María 7, behind the Hotel Puerta America, from where they jumped to The tables and Alcorco, Paul Chiu He is the executive chef, the mastermind behind the restaurant’s menu, and the inventor of a dish already famous in these parts; ox calf hell.

There is a menu of the day (€18).

Khao soi gai. Photo: Oam Thong.

The Fisherman of Las Tablas

Some of the best tapas and rations in Las Tablas are served The fisherman (Glorieta del Monte del Gozo, 4).

Classic recipes, home cooking and good produce take shape in dishes like scrambled eggs, fabes, pochas, rice with carabineros or oxtail, croquettes or duos of bravas and ali-olis.

Photo: The Fisherman Las Tablas.

Tavern Casachica

With the spirit of a traditional pub and a small snack or a few portions of everything to eat (almost all delicious), Casachica: (Avenida del Camino de Santiago, 33) also has one of the nicest terraces in the area.

Don’t miss it oxtail pizza, duck and veggie rolls, ear tacos and grilled artichokes with foie gras, quail egg and truffle.

More classic parts like salad, Betanzos tortillatuna tartare or beef ribs.

Original oxtail pizza. Photo: Homegirl.

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