Whose or what ashes will be in that bowl?

– Whose or what ashes will be in that urn?

– Villar y Garza’s notary, a lot of adrenaline

-Change the migration until it says FGR

– It is more difficult to raise interest rates than to refuse concessions

Francisco Javier OL was literally crying rivers in the “separos” of both the city police and the general prosecutor’s office of the northern zone, because he understood that he would face charges synonymous with multiple murder; in this case, murder.

This is the case of a man who was surprised by municipal police agents on Sunday in the Campestre Virreyes neighborhood with almost 120 dead dogs between the cab and the bed of a truck.

The car was found in the yard. The information initially appeared as outdated. that is, unofficially, as police initially responded to a 911 report of foul odors in the area before interviewing residents of the farm to find out what it was.

All sorts of gossip arose between neighbors and onlookers, though all had the common denominator that they were dog carcasses. From satanic rituals, barbecue and Chinese food, the most repetitive.

The entire Easter Sunday and Monday, when the work resumed, was filled with surprise, indignation, but above all, doubts. At the time of his arrest, Francisco Javier did not explain the origin of the bodies or the cause of death. “He tied himself up,” the police explained in their vocabulary, saying that he did not file a report.

By Monday afternoon, the terrible mystery was revealed. The truth was no less scandalous, nor did it cause any less indignation and trembling, the man was carrying sacks and sacks of animal bodies, because he had nowhere to carry them.

Francisco Javier works at the animal crematorium located at Revillagigedo and Panamericana, but it was supposedly not working in those days because apparently it wasn’t often, and he left the corpses in his truck in the yard while he apparently , moved them. landfill

The bodies of the small animals were “cremated” by a “company” contracted to the city’s veterinarians, whose managers and/or owners also made a big deal out of these deaths. Pet “ashes” cost 1,500 to 3,000 pesos, delivered to their owners in small or large urns, depending on the wallet.

If the crematorium doesn’t operate regularly, what kind of ashes do they supply for the 400 or so puppies that die at the vets every month?

It took a long time to see how far that horrible smell of fraud goes.

The owner of the crematorium sought to hold Francisco Javier responsible for the specific situation of the bodies found, but it was later revealed that he had been operating without a permit for years.


Notary Manuel del Villar y Garza obviously likes strong feelings. Cold blood and adrenaline burst into him.

He testified about the purchase and sale of real estate, in which the names of the property sellers are mentioned as such in the deed he signed, but they not only categorically deny that they sold, but also accuse him of replacing them.

From that hair sounded the alarm of Enrique Medina Reyes, his sister Veronica Medina Reyes, the children of Agueda Reyes Aguirre, owners of the disputed house in Valle neighborhood.

Del Villar y Garza took the procedure before applying to the Public Registry of Property (PRG) to register the purchase agreement, which was only dated February 23 of this year.

The “Kings” learned about the matter in time and ask the RPP to stop the procedures initiated by the notary. Erika Vanessa Martinez Vargas acts as the buyer.

No doubt, a criminal case against del Villar and Garza now follows, since the Medinas have been the legal owners of the house for several decades, already very old, but a house and located in a high value-added area.

Another burning issue related to Manuel del Villar y Garza is the exploitation of a good plot of land located in the Campestre subdivision that was “owned” by former Miss Chihuahua Lolita Camarena Gonzalez and sold in July 2020 to Cuarón Galindo. family Fernandez Ituriza with almost half a million dollars.

Lolita was prosecuted for money laundering in the United States, sentenced to 200 years in prison, but was released after only five, “and was lost,” according to records from the 1980s. She was the wife of Armando Olivares. Cervantes, one of Amado Carrillo’s chief lieutenants.

With a supposed power of attorney from Lolita, a woman executed the transaction, which was drawn up by notary Villar y Garza.

There are rumors of litigation over the property; great trial


Hiding in one of the two bunkers that the National Institute of Migration (INM) has in Juárez, Commissioner Francisco Garduño Yánez has not yet wanted to appear before public opinion on the border, despite the fact that most of the migrants are here. Days from March 28 to today.

The high-ranking federal official arrived in the city a day after the inferno that killed 39 migrants (plus one who died in hospital days later) and is believed to have traveled once to Mexico City and then back again to “work” in Juarez. .

He was in charge, according to reports circulating among INM operatives, of recruiting and deploying the Security Secretary’s Federal Defense Service officers to replace the hired company’s private guards so that: was otherwise irregular.

On his only trip from Juarez to the nation’s capital, he allegedly submitted his resignation to Interior Secretary Adán Augusto López, who, after deliberating the decision in the National Chamber, ultimately did not accept Garduño’s resignation and ordered him to: return to the border to send.

The officer’s presence was of little use after the tragedy. He has done nothing but clean up a bit of the mess he caused by neglect, and perhaps the businesses he patronized and endorsed under the guise of providing private security for INM properties.

Since he does not show his face (only in the occasional bulletin), rumors spread around him that, despite the incompetence shown by the National Commissioner in Chihuahua and his people, the same team is preparing the transition from the INM to the National Coordination of Immigration and Foreign Affairs (ConMéxico). , a new federal bureaucracy.

If there is any doubt that the change will be purely cosmetic, what better example than Garduño himself to direct the name change. Apparently, it will not be a substantive change and it will not come until the Prosecutor General of the Republic says how many more he will prosecute for the tragic events of Monday, March 27.


In Cabinet, say the first-level officials dealing with the thorny issue of public transport, it was a very difficult decision to update the fares of the routes, after years of not doing it for purely political reasons.

So it was a political sacrifice that fell to the Secretary General of the Government, Santiago de la Peña, who was responsible for solving the problem both with the concessionaires and with public opinion.

Since it was an increase that, to make matters worse, had to be done in a difficult time, in an environment of high inflation, and where everyone is talking about the high cost of basic goods, popularity had to be compromised for responsibility.

But if that was difficult, giving up the concessions won’t be much if they don’t meet the terms of the agreement, which obliges truckers to repair public service units within six months at most of the increase. fee

Truck owners with urban transport licenses for the facilities will not be able to complain as they will be able to get flexible loans for both new and semi-new units, provided they are less than 10 years old in each cycle. annual inspections.

With no excuses to access credit, since the revenue is guaranteed with each concession and new ticket price, the state government will have no justification to not enforce their contracts.

So it is easier than the decision to raise the interest rate.

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