Xiaomi is upgrading its most successful toaster with new features (and yes, it’ll still be dirt cheap)

Xiaomi’s new MIJIA Smart Air Fryer 4.5L is now available in China, where it can be purchased for 249 yuan (about 33 euros) for a limited time.

In the foreground is Xiaomi’s new MIJIA Smart Air Fryer 4.5L.

It household appliance families and gadgets For Xiaomi Digital Homethat although Smartmi already has its own recognizable brand of this type of product for international markets, continues to release new and more exciting devices in China as well in all kinds of domains and for all kinds of uses.

In this case, thanks colleagues GizmoChina:we know the evolution of the famous Xiaomi fan that has just been appear directly in retailers chinos Priced at 249 yuan (about 33 euros to change). new features and same concept.

In order not to squeeze the coconut too much and avoid confusion for customers and users, the new roaster. It is also called MIJIA Smart Air Fryerthough this time adding moniker 4.5L to mark its new power output and differentiate itself at least from the 4-liter and 6-liter models previously introduced.

Xiaomi’s new fan is bigger and can do more things like fry, cook, grill, bake or defrost our food in a healthier way and also without increasing the price too attractively.

This new model has very significant improvements over the previous onedue to the fact that the container for its preparation has a larger capacity, therefore up to 4.5 litersusing also a improved hot air circulation technology which allows for much more efficient 360-degree cooking.

Now food heating is uniform thanks to its three-dimensional air circulation and cyclone roasting basket that directs hot air downwardswhile flavors are better achieved by skimming off excess fat and cooking food leaving it crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

MIJIA Smart Air Fryer 4.5L, photo series

Among the new features offered by MIJIA Smart Air Fryer 4.5L are: the ability to bake piesas well as obviously roast potatoes, steak, chicken and many other foods in a much healthier way. No wonder this air fryer is capable cook, fry, grill, bake or thaw our food without the need for more utensils, so it greatly simplifies cooking.

Not only that, and it is that its capabilities have been expanded also allow yogurts to fermentwith several preset recipes and complete control with one touch through it smart touch screen.

Like all MIJIA gadgets, it is compatible with the Xiaomi smart home ecosystemwhich allows setup and control from a smartphone as well as integration voice commands using XiaoAI and a simple function mode adapted for children.

For now no worldwide availability datesbut MIJIA Smart Air Fryer 4.5L can be bought from Jingdong and other companies. retailers Chinese to: an unbeatable price at just over €30Its relationship between price and performance cannot be bettered.

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